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These Are My Android Applications to Date:

 CubiM Multi-Image 
Rotating cube with clocks,
images, or camera  pictures
 with several options.
   SlottenZie HD 
Hi-def version of Slot Machine
 for Android v2.1+ phones.

Slot Machines

     Deer Cuckoo Clock 
Also comes in an HD version for
Droids  and
other systems with
 larger displays.

Deer Head Cuckoo Clock Instructions
 Bible Code X 
Produces word intersections
from text clues or from
directly entered number pairs.

 Bible CodeX Instructions 
 Clear Clock Widget 
Free -- no complications.

Clear Clock Widget Instructions
   More Clock Widgets 
Also Free --
Compliments of the Chef

Clear Clock Widget Instuctions
 Beating Heart Android 
Just a simple screen with a
 heart that beats slowly or
quickly depending on

Beating Heart Instructions
 Robot Evolver HD 
This program builds robots from
 parts completely randomly or by
evolving one part per time.

Robot Evolver Instructions

Earthquake Mapping 
History Animation of US maps,
plus listed World Web EQ maps.

Part Time Programming

I avail myself for Android or other software development contracting. In addition to Android (Java/XML), I know C/C++/C#, MFC, WPF, Silverlight, Web tools, QT, wxWidgets. Image processing, image recognition, fingerprint recognition, robotics, machine controls.

E-mail me

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