Violet Day School

The Violet Day School is a private independent school located in the New Orleans suburbs. The school has two components on their large five acre campus: the Lower School contains a preschool and grades K-5, and the Middle School contains grades 6-8. An Upper School for grades 9-12 has been planned off and on for years, if not decades.

Founded in 1953 by Dr. Raymond Violet, the school was designed to offer students the educational rigor of a British boarding school combined with the beautiful landscape and hands-on learning of a pastoral country school. Raised on the outskirts of Manchester at the turn of the 20th century, Dr. Violet had experienced this mix of traditional learning and bucolic surroundings in his own upbringing and considered it to be an ideal learning environment.

In the intervening half-century, a few things have changed—for example, Violet Day’s gorgeous campus is no longer in the country but nestled between a golf course and a gated community—and though the school isn’t nearly as rigid as it once as when Dr. Violet ran the curriculum (and administered the corporeal punishment), it’s considered one of the toughest and most rewarding of all the secondary schools in the New Orleans area.

Violet Day is seen as a “feeder school” to the elite Parvenu School For Math And Science, much in the same way that St. Odo’s is a feeder school for Beaumonde Academy. Though this relationship is not official, a majority of Violet Day graduates attend Parvenu for high school.

Josephine Brooks
and David Sebastian both attended Violet Day School, before moving on to Beaumonde in ninth grade. Many of The Gangsparents attended Violet Day as well, including Ellen Hayes, Belinda Bellecastle, Tabitha Johnson, as well as Reuben Meyers and all of his brothers and sisters.