Vocal Triggers

A Chrono Trigger Vocal Album

Chrono Trigger is an amazing game...

...and ever since I first played it, I loved it through and through.  I've always wanted to do some tribute, something special with it, but I never knew quite what.  This is what I've finally come up with.  A complete album of about 13-15 songs from Chrono Trigger, complete with vocals and original lyrics that fit each track personally.  It's going to be a lot of work, and I don't know how long it's going to take, but I already can't wait for this to be done!

Currently I'm looking for people who are willing to help me create each track and bring it to life.  If you are interested in helping arrange and work with me, please contact me.  My primary email is darlantandragonavenger@gmail.com.  Also, I can be reached on AIM as XDarlantanX.

The Tracks (With the lyrics included that I have written so far)


Memories of Green

Guardia Millenial Faire

Wind Scene - Walking in the Wind

When we walk into the wind,
 we wonder where it comes from,
Blowing 'cross the Eastern Sea.
As gentle as a kiss,
 or stronger than the ocean
Flowing through the grasses in the field.
We walk into the wind,
 and wonder where it goes to,
Blowing 'cross the Western Lakes.
It moves throughout the trees,
 the leaves look like they're dancing
Moving to the sweetest melody.

In lands that are foreign and yet seem familiar
The wind is the one thing I know.
A comforting presence, it's always there watching
Yet it never tells me the way that I should go.

A breath that's full of life, but never was it born,
Stirring since the dawn of time.
And when I return home, the thing that I'll remember
More than all else is the scent of wind

Manoria Cathedral

Kaero's Theme (Frog's Theme) - A Frog Knight's Tale

Let me sing you a tale of one great hero;
Passed through ages and always remembered.
One who saved our great kingdom: saving our queen so loved. 
Yes, and though so strange of appearance
His sword remained straight and true.
His loyalty and will never faltered.
His brave'ry could not be bested
He'd fought a dragon or two.
Let me tell you the tale of Frog Knight.

The queen, she had been kidnapped, taken away.
The men all panicked the maids they cried out
"And who would go out to save her?"  The king he asked of his men.
The frog took but not a moment
Only grabbed his sword
Made his way into the forest
Made himself a promise
Placed a hand on his breast
"I'll not rest until I've saved her!"

He stopped at a cathedral to pray for success.
The nuns inside were tainted with evil
They came at him with their claws and their fangs upraised.
The frog unleashed his sword
And his blade went snicker-snack,
He drove the monsters from the altar.
The queen he found inside and he freed her from her bonds
And carried her back to the castle.

The knight returned the queen among much rejoice
The people cheered to have their queen safe.
The King bid the frog kneel before his throne for praise;
And he gave to him a medal of hero's great and old,
Blessed his knightly sword; Masamune.
Promised him to pass on the tale to all he saw
Forever remember the greatest Frog Knight!

People Who Threw Away the Will to Live

Claimed by DragonAvenger

The Day the World Revived

Singing Mountain

Claimed by DragonAvenger

At the Bottom of Night - At The Bottom of an Endless Night

Claimed by Wiesty
Endless night,
Go to sleep and put your fears to rest
I'll be waiting here, watching over.

Go and rest your mind,
Set aside your destiny once more,
When you wake your fate will be your own again.
Don't be afraid.

Please! I'm so scared
Won't you take me away?
The shadows are so deep,
There's nothing I can see
At the bottom of night.

Close your eyes,
Dream your dreams of simple butterflies,
Take your sanctuary 'til the dawn has come.

Please! I beg you don't
Let me fade away
I feel my soul is lost
As the darkness grows
At the bottom of night.

Close your eyes
Let us wait and let the sun arise
Take my hand and you won't be scared anymore.

Corridors of Time

Nicole Adams - Looking for someone to help finish

This place I know, a simple reality
But what I know, only my mind believes
A butterfly that flies so high in the sky
What can I be only when dreams come true.

Close your eyes and dream that you're flying away
Open your mind and see again.

Where we are, you're so far away from me
But boundaries are nothing within my dreams
I'll fly away on wings of mist and of spray
You'll soar with me only when dreams come true.

Close your eyes and dream that you're flying away
Open your wings and soar again.

So sleep now and I'll tell you where I am
Just let go of your fears
Take my hand and follow me
Higher than before.

Undersea Palace

World Revolution

Epilogue ~ To Good Friends - To Good Friends

This song is to good friends,
The ones who I spent my days with.
And now we must go separate ways.
I say my goodbyes,
And turn away,
And hide my face,
Because I can't stand to watch you leave me.

And though today we part,
The times that I will remember,
Are things that made me laugh or smile.
Though now I just cry,
I shed my tears,
And wish that you could stay,
But I know that you must go on.

And the tears we shed remind us that we're the best of friends,
Always, through the good times and bad.
And the times we spent together are memories
That I will always hold deep in my heart.
And although you leave, I know that I can always believe
That we might meet up once again.
And I'll hold my head up high and I'll wave to you goodbye,
Good luck! And please don't forget me.