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Aria de Mezzo Caraterre - Final Fantasy VI - Squaresoft/Arr. DragonAvenger

 Oh my hero, far away now.
Will I ever see your smile?
As love goes away, like night into day.
It's just a fading dream.

I'm the darkness, you're the starlight.
Love is brighter than the sun.
For eternity, for me there can be,
Only you, my chosen one...

Must I forget? Our solemn vow?
Will autumn replace the spring?
Oh what shall I do? I'm lost without you.
Speak to me once more!

We must part now, my life goes on.
But my heart won't give you up.
Ere I walk away, let me hear you say
I meant as much to you....

So gently, you touched my heart.
I will be forever yours.
And come what may, I won't age a day,
I'll wait for you, always...

At the Bottom of Night - Chrono Trigger

Endless night,
Go to sleep and put your fears to rest
I'll be waiting here, watching over.

Go and rest your mind,
Set aside your destiny once more,
When you wake your fate will be your own again.
Don't be afraid.

Please! I beg you don't
Let me fade away
I feel my soul is lost
As the darkness grows
At the bottom of night.

Close your eyes,
Dream your dreams of simple butterflies,
Take your sanctuary 'til the dawn has come.

Balamb Euphoria - Final Fantasy VIII - FayeWong/Arr. DragonAvenger

Whenever sang my songs,
On this stage, on my own
Whenever said my words
Wishing they would be heard.

My last night here for you
same old songs just once more
My last night here with you?
Maybe yes, maybe no.

I kind of liked it your way,
How you shyly placed your eyes on me
And did you ever know
I had mine, oh mine on you.

So let me come to you,
Close as I wanna be.
Close enough for me,
To feel your heart beating fast.

Hold me near to you,
Keep me warm in your arms.
Never let me go,
I'll feel your kiss on my cheek.

And stay there as I whisper,
How I loved your peaceful eyes on me,
Did you ever know
That I had mine on you?

Brand New Day - Pokemon

It's a brand new day,
The sun is shining brightly and it's here to stay.
The cloudless skies are blue,
Oh I'll go on an adventure,
I'll see the world.
I'll be the best I can be.
I've got my friends,
And I'll make some more.
Who knows what life holds in store?

...And even if I'm lost I'm not alone.
My trials will take me through
Mountains, deserts, valleys, and deep blue seas.
If it's hard, I will not give up
'Cuz I know my friends are always there.

And I know, nothing will get in our way.
We'll be forever friends.
Through the sun, and also through the rain.

It's a brand new day,
and even though I've lost I won't give up;
I'll dust myself off.
'Cuz I can look back and learn new things
Someday I will be the best.
If nothing else, I can see
Tomorrow's another day.

Departure - Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

See that bird that's flying there,
Cross the mountain valley?
Soaring, diving, gliding,
Watching from above.

Watch that bird that's flying there
Gracefully it tumbles.
Soaring over trees,
Gliding over me.

When can I become a bird
And fly so high, and fly so high?
When can I depart this town
And see the world and see the world?
And oh;
Will I fly?

Time for me to say goodbye
Pack my things and leave here.
Travel cross the roads,
Through the Valley green.

Watch me, Bird, and guide my steps;
Take me through the valley.
Let me see the world,
Let me follow you.

Past the fertile plains of wheat,
Past the barren mountains.
Crystal lake so blue,
Desert sands of brown.

When should I return to home,
Should I turn back, should I turn back?
Family and my friends are there
I miss them all, I miss them all
Oh Bird!
Take me home.

Graceful bird, will you go on,
Continue your journey?
Will you travel far?
Will you visit me?

Desolate Road - Tales of Phantasia

Oh guide my passage home
'Cross the des'late road
Where no creature does roam,
Where the ivy grows.

What secrets does this place hold,
Magic, beauty, or more?
Oh but nothing can tempt me away,
Off this path I won't stray.
Never give in to my fears,
Hide away all my tears.

The wind howls my name
'Cross the des'late road.
Where all trees look the same,
Where the ivy grows.

Will I become forgotten?
What direction is home?
Oh and please let me find my way
Out in the fields of grey.
Finally returned to home,
Ne'er again shall I roam.

Dreams Come True - Chrono Trigger

This place I know, a simple reality
But what I know, only my mind believes
A butterfly that flies so high in the sky
What can I be only when dreams come true.

Close your eyes and dream that you're flying away
Open your mind and see again.

Where we are, you're so far away from me
But bounderies are nothing within my dreams
I'll fly away on wings of mist and of spray
You'll soar with me only when dreams come true.

Close your eyes and dream that you're flying away
Open your wings and soar again.

So sleep now and I'll tell you where I am
Just let go of your fears
Take my hand and follow me
Higher than before.

Elevation [Groovepump Mix] - Streets of Rage

Feel the rhythm of the night,
Hold me close and let our hearts collide.
Feel the rhythm of my moves,
Let me show you what my body can do.

Fisherman's Horizon - Final Fantasy VIII

A tranquil place, Fisherman's Horizon.
This peaceful town that I know.
The gentle waves that lap at the docks below,
The soaring gulls high above.

Quiet townspeople who talk of times past,
The halcyon days of old.
As ancient trains lie still in their rusted tracks,
The empty bridge spans out far.

Children play on the streets,
Games I knew in my youth.
I walk past them and smile
Reminded of the times I loved,
For love, my love.

The wooden planks that creak under my feet,
Street lamps that glow softly white.
The well-worn boats that still sail straight and true,
O'er seas that shine in the sun.

A drifting breeze that smells of the salt sea,
The cloudless skies overhead.
I close my eyes and bask in the bright sunlight,
Savor the moment at hand.

Oh, I wish I could stay!
Spend my days in repose.
My life calls me away,
But someday I will return to you,
To you, for you.

Hallucination of Another World - Requiem for Another World - Chrono Cross

Dreaming of a shore on another world
Endless seas and sand far as I can see.
Is this where I'm meant to be,
Is this my fate, my destiny?

Dreaming of my shadow staring at me,
Is this real, or a mirror of what I see?
Am I the true reality,
Or am I just a reflection?

Searching for a shore on another world
Where I'll seek the truth of my existance.
Do my answers lie on this shore?
Will I find you among the sands?

Home, Sweet Home - Secret of the Solstice

Where I have been, and where I'll go
Wherever it is, it's this I know
No matter what, I want to be
In a place that I can call my home.

When I am here, my heart's at rest
Nothing to fear, no worries that I can have
But I must go away
From this place that I have called my home

Though my journey may take me so far away,
And although I'll be gone a while
Can you promise you'll wait 'til I'm home again
When I find my way back to you

When I return, I'll be with you
Then I won't go, never again
I'll bring you close, and then we'll be
In a place that I can call my home,
Sweet home.

In the Darkness Lies - Banjo Kazooie

Play your song
Serenade the angels
Don't turn away
Don't leave me all alone
Demons are watching the shadows
Demons are waiting for you
Play your song
Serenade the heavenly angels
Demons are watching the shadows
Demons are waiting for you

The Land Unknown - Final Fantasy V - FenixDownReborn

When I go, I leave tomorrow
Leaving it, all behind
Where I go, no one will follow
Wave goodbye, pray I return

Time to leave, the world is calling
Things to do, people to see
Wait for me, someday I will come back
To you

Here I go, to the Land Unknown
Where, no one has ever been
Now, I’m off to find out for myself

Now you’re gone, I cannot go on
Would you please, give me strength?
How could you, leave me all alone?
Oh I can’t, wait any more.

Pack my things, I leave tomorrow
Traveling, right behind you
Who knows what, the future has in store
For us

Now I go, to the Land Unknown
Where, no one has ever been
Now, I’ll discover it for myself

Shall we go, to the Land Unknown?

Moving Clouds Across the River's Surface - Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Peaceful river, it's so calm and so quiet here
The shallows filled with clear water.
Pure white sand that is so clean, and smooth,
And warmed up by the beams of the yellow sun.

Graceful willows drifting in the gentle breeze
That stirs the leaves hanging high above.
Crickets chirping songs that tell of their journeys
In the blades of grass on the river's edge.

My Love, Luna - Lunar: Silver Star Story

Wishing on a dream that seems far off
Hoping it will come today.

Into the starlit night,
Foolish dreamers turn their gaze,
Waiting on a shooting star.

But, what if that star is not to come?
Will their dreams fade to nothing?
When the horizon darkens most,
We all need to believe there is hope.

Is an angel watching closely over me?
Can there be a guiding light I've yet to see?
I know my heart should guide me, but,
There's a hole within my soul.

What will fill this emptiness inside of me?
Am I to be satisfied without knowing?

I wish, then, for a chance to see,
Now all I need, (desperately)

Is my star to come...

On the Other Side of the Mountain - Final Fantasy VII - TGC/DragonAvenger

Mem'ries have been -- burning in me
You don't know me, -- but I love you
I will follow -- you can lead me
Feel your sorrow -- you can teach me

Fall in with me -- we'll be strong now
Must I lose you? -- I don't want that
Taken from me -- Ere I could love you.

Walking the night,
Searching the dark,
Crying out for your help;
Calling to you.

Fighting my fears,
Gaining my feet,
I must go on in my
Search for you.

Over the vale -- Nothing found there
Into the woods -- Only forest
Across the beach -- No footprints
In the city -- No trace there

High in the hills -- Getting closer
I hear your voice -- In the distance
On the other -- Side of the mountain.

Braving the heights,
Climbing so high,
Conquering my fears
That I'll be with you soon.

Finally here,
Right beside you.
At last with me;
I always loved you.

Quicksilver Lies - Megaman 2

You told me once, you made me believe
That everything you said was true to me
You led me along with your quicksilver lies
And in the end, the truth will arise

I held onto your dreams,
I tried to stay,
but your quicksilver lies,
they melted away

I'll never forgive,
and I'll never forget,
Your industrial heart
will never bend

I held onto your dreams,
I tried to stay,
but your quicksilver lies,
they melted away

What's left to do now that you're gone?
Temper my resolve, and carry on

Radical Dreamers - Chrono Cross - Squaresoft/Arr. DragonAvenger

Held tightly in your hands of youthful grace,
There lies a light so tiny that it's shivering.
I've traveled through the lands and come this way,
Wandering through the very edges of time.

I didn't know what I came looking for.
I don't even know your name or who you are.
My heart compels me to this sentiment,
I just needed to give you this emotion.

Sometimes I catch and hold both love and pain,
Sometimes tightly in my arms.
In time it will fade away but I know
I'll hold onto the dream

It's been echoing in my chest so long,
I don't remember the first impression.
I barely heard it's tiny whisperings,
Tinier than a drop of first evening's fog.

Toward the darkness of the frozen stars,
I send you my spinning prayer.
Fervently I desire that it will
Reach to your distant skies...

Summoner's Love - Final Fantasy X

Waves that lap across the beach,
The soaring gulls and leafy trees
Sun, oh yea, and so warm...

It doesn't matter where we go,
Just tell me that you love me so
I do, oh yes, oh I do...

Gentle hands and eyes so bright
Please bring me close and hold me tight
Your arms, ooh, are so warm...

Crystal lakes and waterfalls,
Swimming under tiny stars
The night, yea, So calm...

Always mirthful, laughing strong
Nothing ever gets you down,
Please, smile, for me

Tell me what you want to be
Let me be in your story,
Oh yea, uhhuh, I love you. 

Sunny Sidewalk Street - Final Fantasy X

Flowers are blooming and trees are green.
The breeze is light oh, it feels like spring.
The birds are singing their sweet songs.
Children are out playing in shorts,
And you know that you can always walk on the
sunny sidewalk street.

Morning starts early and days are warm,
People hang laundry out in the sun.
Students play hopscotch after school,
Dancing amongst cool morning dew,
And you know that you can always walk on the
sunny sidewalk street.

When the leaves fall and it starts to rain
Never forget that the sun will come again.
Put on your jacket and ignore the cold
Never let the chill get you down
Because it will be springtime again.

Sproutlings are growing in the garden,
Grass grows wild in the forest glen.
The dogs are playing in the park,
There's still some time before it's dark,
And you know that you can always walk on the
sunny sidewalk street.

Open your eyes to a brand new day,
The balmy weather is here to stay.
Go taste the freshness in the air,
Forget your worries and your cares,
Cuz' you know that you can always walk on the
sunny sidewalk street.

When the snow falls and it gets very cold,
Don't even think that it will stay till your old.
Sit by the fire and drink your cocoa
Before you know the snow will melt
Because it will be springtime again.

Take My Hopes and Dreams - Final Fantasy IX

I am so afraid,
Everyone I know runs away,
Walking into darkness and turning away from me.

I reach out for them,
Calling to them, wishing they'd come,
They don't even look back, they keep on walking away.

I'll turn my back too,
Reject those who've rejected me.
Take my hopes and dreams, turn them into my nightmares.

I'll walk to the dark,
Find my way out all by myself.
Forget all the rest, just have faith in no one but me.

And you're not alone!  There's someone waiting there for you,
Right out before your eyes.
Put your trust in them, just as they put their trust in you,
Strengthening your resolve.

And you're not alone!  You've got friends there to pull you through,
Fighting your demons strong.
Show them all your hopes, hold your dreams out for them to see,
Let them know who you are.

And you're not alone! There's someone waiting there for you,
Calling your name out loud.
Never turn your back, keep your arms open wide for them,
Keep them right at your side.

And you're not alone!  You've got friends there to pull you through,
Standing right by your side.
Realize your hopes, bring your dreams to reality.
Always know who you are.

To Good Friends - Chrono Trigger

This song is to good friends,
The ones who I spent my days with.
And now we must go seperate ways.
I say my goodbyes,
And turn away,
And hide my face,
Because I can't stand to watch you leave me.

And though today we part,
The times that I will remember,
Are things that made me laugh or smile.
Though now I just cry,
I shed my tears,
And wish that you could stay,
But I know that you must go on.

And the tears we shed remind us that we're the best of friends,
Always, through the good times and bad.
And the times we spent together are memories
That I will always hold deep in my heart.
And although you leave, I know that I can always believe
That we might meet up once again.
And I'll hold my head up high and I'll wave to you goodbye,
Good luck! And please don't forget me.

To Zanarkand - Final Fantasy X - Mr. Goo/DragonAvenger

Sparks from the fire rise up to the sky,
Higher and higher oh I want to fly.
Come by the fire and sit by the flames,
Would you tell me your story, oh tell me your tale.

Speak of battles and speak of peace,
Talk of love, whisper heartbreak.
Tell me all of these awesome things
Before we go to Zanarkand.

Out in the distance I see your sad face,
Go if you must, but never forget.
Keep in your heart all those things you hold dear,
Seek the truth or your answers will never be clear.

Go and fight among shattered lands,
Give your life, give your fayth.
If there's one thing you promise me,
This will always be your story.

Wont Let You Go - Sonic and Knuckles

The day you walked in my life,
I died, walked into heaven.
You came, came and saved me,
Just like my guardian angel.

And I will never, and I will never,
I will not let you go.
I will forever, I will forever
Hold you by my side.
And I will never, and I will never,
I will not let you go.
I will forever, I will forever
Hold you, kiss you.

This girl, she’s walking along,
The way she walks like she doesn’t belong.
She doesn’t know, she doesn’t see,
This girl, I can’t believe it was me.

But now I’ve learned my place and my time,
I’ve learned how to walk, I’ve learned that you’re fine.
The things that you taught me, the things that I know,
The thing I learned most is I won’t let you go.

And I will never, and I will never,
I will not let you go.
I will forever, I will forever
Hold you by my side.
And I will never, and I will never,
I will not let you go.
I will forever, I will forever
Hold you, kiss you.

Zelda's Lullaby - Legend of Zelda

Close your eyes,
Dream of peaceful days gone by.

Clear blue skies,
Shining bright,
Close your eyes and dream.

Dream that you're flying free,
See all that you can see,
Travel to where the worlds will meet.