DragonAvenger's Domain

Welcome to the site that exists mostly because I've been dying to have somewhere to host my music with more ease than acidplanet.  I really know nothing about webpages, so it's probably going to be crude at best.  If it shows the songs it's all good, right?

Basically, I'm a lyricist.  It started with a riddle, and evolved into a knack for writing words to pre-existing songs such that they match storylines and other such things.  In saying so, these songs are almost all from videogames.  I'm a geek and I love it!

Despite having a degree in music education, I actually have very little skill in arranging, although lately I've been trying my hand at it.  Boy is it a frustrating process!  I have aquired some decent recording equipment, so if YOU want to write the arrangement, I'll write lyrics and sing it for you.  Contact me!

Huge thanks to Escariot for hosting the files.  Now people should be able to download them all the way through without problems!

I've been super lazy about updating, obviously, but I'm glad to say I'm back with plenty of new stuff to post, and some things that I can't post yet (psst, it's a secret!).  I'm still loving to sing, and hopeing to get better and better!  Please feel free to leave me a line at my email: darlantandragonavenger@gmail.com


Please check out the lyrics to all these pieces here!  


WIP - Dreams Come True - Chrono Trigger - What I am hoping will be the first finished mix for my own personal project: VOCAL TRIGGERS.  Nicole Adams has been working with other vocalists for a while, and so far it's been awesome collaborating with her.  I can't wait to hear the finished project!

Elevation [Groovepump Mix] - Streets of Rage - So I'm going to be lazy and link to the OCReMix page for now.  My third OCReMix, and quite a lot of fun to do!  It was actually somewhat difficult to come up with lyrics that were short and sweet, yet got some sort of message across.  Ambient did a great job on this, and I'm already planning another collaboration with him.

WIP - Home, Sweet Home - Secret of the Solstice - Aside from getting addicted to this free MMO, I've really come to enjoy the music throughout the game.  A small tribute to a couple of friends, and some fun with the home town theme, Brynhild.

WIP - Pallet Town - Pokemon Red/Blue - One of my first shots at arranging!  Short cute, and hopefully I'll actually get a guy to sing the tenor and bass rather than using the computor to lower my voice.  Be warned, this one sounds very strange!

WIP - Route 10 - Pokemon Red/Blue - Another project mix, and one that I am proud of and have regrets for.  The arrangement is amazing, but unfortunately PU_Freak doesn't have the greatest sound samples, and my recording isn't that hot either.  I'm hoping we can get this fixed up, because it really has some promise!



JigglyChoir - Pokemon - OMG.  Prophet of Mephisto rulezzzz.

My Love, Luna - Lunar: SSSC - Majin from OCRemix wanted a vocalist.  I love this song, and it was fun figuring out harmony for it.

Requiem for Another World - Radical Dreamers/Chrono Cross - The Radical Dreamers: Thieves of Fate project finally released at the beginning of 2008, and I was happy to have participated in it!  It was quite an experiance to see how an OCReMix project was run, and awesome to work with Avaris on this.  Not surprisingly, this track was actually one of the less-liked tracks there, partly because the vocal performance was not the greates.  I certainly did my best take on it, but it's quite a difficult song.  I love the second verse, it is easily my favorite part of the song.

WIP - Take My Hopes and Dreams - Final Fantasy IX - You're Not Alone!: such a great song, begging for lyrics.  I'm currently working on this, so there are multiple versions.

Take My 4-20

Tallis - This is a classical little piece in the....dorian mode, if I remember correctly.  I'll have to look that up again.  Just a quick runthrough for fun.  Definately not the most in-tune, so be warned.

Won't Let You Go - Knuckles Chaotix - This was for the VOCR competition, Round 2.  I'm not crazy about anything besides the refrain, BUT there is total white girl rap in there, which is at least amusing.  I won second place!  Thanks to Kholdstare for doing processing on the vox.



WIP - Balamb Euphoria - Final Fantasy VIII - Tepid was looking for a female vocalist for the Eyes on Me portion of his mix, and I couldn't pass it up.  This is a current recording, so it sounds much better than the old one.  Just need some production.

WIP - Between Ordeals - Final Fantasy X - Another acapella track, and possibly the most fun one yet to make.  I got to do tons of crazy stuff, like rolling R's and making some noises like "oeuiouaou".  Plus, percussion made from a glass, a spoon, and Cool Whip containers.  Woot!

Hallucination of Another World - Chrono Cross - This one actually does have an arrangment.  Retlaf from OCRemix had created a piano arrangement and allowed me to write and sing lyrics to Dream of a Shore on Another World.  It's been accepted to Remix:ThaSauce.

In the Darkness Lies - Banjo Kazooie - The Joker asked me to do haunting vocals for his mix, and while I've never played the game, I can appreciate what he's done from the original track to make this really cool atmospheric piece.  The vocals are very quiet, sometimes indistinguible, but they're nothing special anyways, so it doesn't matter.  This has been accepted at OCReMix.

Summoner's Love - Final Fantasy X - Besaid Island is a beautiful theme that first captured my love for the music to Final Fantasy X.  It fit perfectly with the scenery of the island, and I knew that I wanted to write something to it.  I commissioned Efields (the artist formally known as Georgasmaster) to arrange the piece, and I couldn't be happier with the result.  This took a lot of work, but it was accepted at OCReMix!  Thanks to The Prophet of Mephisto for doing processing on the vocals. (Now with less mouseclick!)

Quicksilver Lies - Megaman 2 - This is for the VOCR competition, Round 1.  I was quite happy with the lyrics I came up with for this one, though the performance could have used some touch-ups.  I won honorable mention.

Zelda's Lullaby 2006 - Legend of Zelda Series - I got new equipment, so I did a new recording.  It's a bit louder, and better quality.



Aria de Mezzo Carettere - Final Fantasy VI - The lyrics to the english version of the opera in FFVI never did quite fit right, and someone from FFO asked me to sing it, so I couldn't resist.  My friend Georgasmaster did the arrangement, sticking quite close to the original, and did a good job with limited resources.  To be honest I don't really like this file, because I'm in no way an opera singer, and my voice is pretty much drowned out by the music.  It's also got it's share of intonation issues.

Departure - Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles - This was the second project I worked on, and really thought up most of it while driving in my car.  The image of someone wanting to leave home was very apparent to me in this, and relating it to a bird (being free to fly wherever it wants) seemed fitting.  Homesickness can be powerful, though.

Find Your Way ~ Acappella - Final Fantasy VIII - My second acappella project, and a challenge too.  It was quite a bit of work to make everything stay in tune.  I'm pleased with the result.

Fisherman's Horizon - Final Fantasy VIII - I enjoyed making this piece more imagery based rather than story-based.  I tried to think of the different aspects of FH and meld them into a song.

The Land Unknown - Final Fantasy V - My friend Fenix wrote these lyrics, and I actually haven't played enough of this game to have heard the song in it!  That being said, it still wasn't too hard to get the gist of the song, and I thought Fenix did a fine job writing it.

Moving Clouds Across the River's Surface - Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles - A really long name for a pretty short piece.  The only reason this has lyrics is because I heard it so many times after listening to Departure that I started to come up with something.  I want to figure out how to play this on guitar, but I've only played for a month.

On the Other Side of the Mountain - Final Fantasy VII - The first song that was written, and one of my favorites.  My friend TGC had written the first two verses as a riddle, and for his birthday I finished the song and sang it for him.  It fits in a way with the actual story line of VII as well, with Tifa searching for Cloud in his own unconscious.

To Zanarkand - Final Fantasy X - I still don't think this sounds good as a rock piece, despite how many people liked the Black Mages 2.  I borrowed two lines from Mr. Goo and went my own way with it.  The original isn't in the best key for me, so if an arrangment comes around I'll have to get that changed.

You Can Hear the Cry of the Planet ~ Acappella - Final Fantasy VII - My first attempt at doing something acappella.  Finding, singling out, and singing each individual part is much harder than I expected, but enjoyable. 


If you have questions, comments, or anything, feel free to contact me at DarlantanDragonAvenger@gmail.com

I especially want to talk to you if you're an arranger.  Contact me!