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Server load- The server needs to be able to handle the game.  If the         world is too big, or graphics are to detailed, or too many things         are happening at once, the game could slow down.

Balance- Balance is very important in games.  If some action is too         good, then everyone will start using that, and if something is             not good enough, no one will use it because it is seen as useless.

Economy- The economy must also be considered when creating              the game.  Economy affects how well players will aquire items             and trade with each other.  Inflation and supply and demand             are real issues in games and poor planning can ruin a game's                 market and eventually destroy the game itself.

Players' needs- Players opinions are important as well.  If players             find something difficult to understand or unneccessarily hard to         use, they will start complaining.  Of course, not every player             idea is a good idea, but sometimes players come up with                         excellent new things.