I enjoy amateur digital SLR photography and every now and again dabble in some amateur digital art.
This page contains a collection of works that I've made in the GIMP, Inkscape and Blender. Click on any of the images for a larger version.

This was the result of my first major attempt at animation in Blender, made for my Computer Graphics course at uni:

Deep Impact

These are the posters I created to promote the Software Engineering Group Projects that I was involved with in 2009 (left, made with Inkscape) and 2008 (right, made with GIMP):

Here are three logo options that I created for the Fiery Ant Young Achievers Australia business that I was Marketing and Sales director for. Note the backgrounds are ordinarily transparent, but that was lost when I converted them to JPEG to upload. All made in GIMP, the last was based off a sketch by Shane Murray.

A freehand sketch I did once upon a time in GIMP:

I can't remember why I made this one - I think it was in response to some comment that R2D2 was adorable or something, made in GIMP with my Sun Project to create the background:

I made this one to print as a sticker and attach to the back of the screen on my Eee 701SD. Made in GIMP and my Sun Project:

Three out of the four years I've been at Fenner Hall I've made up some images for the doors of my floor mates to go with our floor theme. In 2009 it was Pirates - each one had a different background and some other tweaks. Made with GIMP:

I made this one for the kitchenette to go with our 2007 floor theme (travel). Made in GIMP:

Shane asked me to take some photos and make some cool images for some Law and Order themed thing he was doing. Made in GIMP: