Welcome to DarkStarSpace, a space for me (Ian Munsie, A.K.A. DarkStarSword) to dump junk code, random shell scripts and other useful tidbits.

I've started moving a lot of my junk code from here to github: http://github.com/DarkStarSword/junk

I have a rarely updated blog over at http://darkstarshout.blogspot.com.

Any code and shell scripts published here/my blog are under the General Public License version 3 (http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.html) unless indicated otherwise.

Update December 5th 2011

  • I've been busy slowly porting most of my wmii scripts into Python, which is now mostly done and I'll upload them soon (to github). My old bash scripts are still in the Eee PC Window Manager page, and there are still a few things I haven't ported over (and some of the Eee PC specific features may not get ported for quite some time since I barely ever use that system any more).
  • I'm finally going to move all the random code from here & my blog somewhere more appropriate. Whatever I was already tracking in git is already up on github and I'll try to get the rest up soon. Check it out over at:

Update February 11th 2010

  • I've uploaded a more recent wmiirc on the Eee PC Window Manager page. The script has had some major refactoring done to make it easier to configure, along with some added functionality: It now has hotkeys to toggle screen blanking and auto locking, it also now supports controlling the Music on Console music player in addition to it's existing support for the C* Music Player.
  • I've also uploaded my customised Eee PC ACPI scripts to provide a grace period when suspend is triggered to allow the user to abort the suspend process if it was triggered by accident and combined with the above wmiirc, provides a hotkey to toggle suspend on lid close. Sounds are played to alert the user as to what the machine is going to do, but are subtle enough that they should not annoy anyone nearby.
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