Welcome to Dark Souls Stats.  This website is for the creation of calculators and the determination of formulas for the game Dark Souls.  Please navigate those calculators using the sidebar.

(1/22/12): I have my computer back, hurrah!  I'll be chugging along on version 1.10 this week.  It will have .ods compatibility, so no one will have an excuse not being able to access, as .ods is the file type for OpenOffice, a free program.  It will also include buffs, and I'll be implementing certain pieces of the Defense Mitigation Mini-Calc.  I may or may not include pieces of the soul level mini-calc.  Hopefully this version will be available before February hits.  I have a good feeling about it.  It may or may not include some basic poise break information (thanks EWGF).

I haven't heard from the creator of the armor calculator, so I may just update his work with 1.05 numbers.  It has been so long and I have all the numbers.  It probably will not be .ods compatible.  I don't think the table sort functions work out in .ods and I most likely will not be spending time on it, at least not now.  Hopefully in the next day or two I can have it up (just some copy, paste, and deletes).  And still, thank you Rhynocerous.

Dark Souls Stat Planner V1.01 is now available for download.  Link
Mini-Calcs page added. Link
AR calculators updated again, more optimization.

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Demon's Souls:  The story...The idea for the stat planner was from Hawu, I was a helper, we eventually gave up on it.  I decided to mess with weapon attack ratings after.  With all but the BBS solved (266/267 weapons), I'd say it was a pretty successful process.  Please use the side bar to access appropriate pages for the Demon's Souls calculators, or follow the download links on the bottom of  this page.

Links to download pages if you want the Excel2007 versions: