Issue/Error Report

Please fill out the form below if you notice any errors or problems with the website or the calculators.  Broken links, AR tolerance is wrong, ZohoSheet error, some calculation just flat out wrong?  Fill out the form below and I will solve problems as they come along.  If you have something to say that is not specifically about a bug, error, or other issue, please use the form on the Feedback page.

Current issues I am working to fix:
-Google Embed Gadget vertical centering issue when editing spreadsheet (Chrome-specific).
-ZohoSheets not completing calculations on rare occasions.  Sometimes no update, sometimes goes to zero. Fixes with page reload, not sure of cause yet.

Recently fixed issues:
-Holy Factor fixed for True Gsword of Artorias in 1.03 and 1.05 versions, it is 140.
-Pierce/Spike shields not updating on scaling one noticed this.
-Holy Factor fixed for Astora's Straight Sword in 1.05, it is 120.