Weapon Attack Rating Calculator

Download the Demon's Souls Attack Rating Calculator by Mud-Chan here.

This calculator accurately determines the attack rating of a weapon, given your input stats and whether you are one-handing or two-handing the weapon.  It displays attack rating as a whole, and the individual effects of each damage type, physical, magic, and fire.  It also returns the bleed inflict, poison inflict, and plague inflict.  It has support for all arrow and bolt types.

There are four weapon input slots.  They can be arranged as you would arrange the slots on your character, or you can just use them for a side by side comparison of potential weapons.  For this reason, the TWO-HAND MODIFIER WILL EFFECT LEFT HAND WEAPONS.  Do note that is in effect, and it is intentional.  Should this be unpopular, I may be willing to add a conditional to change it, should enough people want that.

Weapons not included:
Blueblood Sword
Talisman of Beasts
Talisman of God
Insanity Catalyst
Silver Catalyst
Wooden Catalyst
All Shields save for Sharp+5 Spiked Shield

Shields, Catalysts, and Talismans to be included in version 3.10, to be released later.  It will have everything but the Blueblood Sword.

Note: Incorrect bleed inflict values for some Sharp upgrade weapons.  This will be fixed in 3.10.

Do note that all these calculations are available on the online calculators, which you can reach on the sidebar.  I'd suggest downloading the Demon's Souls Stat Planner to go along with this when trying to create your perfect character.

Please click on the picture below to be redirected to the download page.

Link to be replaced 2nd week of August.

This file is in MS Excel 2007 format.  If you use an older version of Excel, you may need to download the compatibility pack provided by Microsoft.