Unique & Dragon

This page is for: 
  • Unique weapons upgraded with Twinkling Titanite
  • Unique weapons created from boss souls, further upgraded with Demon's Titanite
  • Weapons that cannot be upgraded.
  • Dragon weapons upgraded with Dragon Scales
Weapons with "(E)" following the name are enchantable.  Otherwise, not enchantable.

If you use FF4 and cannot view the ZohoSheet online calculators, there is now a workaround.  Click here!

In order to input your data, click the "Click to Edit" button.  Afterwards, specify whether you are two-handing 
the weapon (1) or not (0).  Then, plug in the stat values you wish to test.

Note: Should you accidentally delete something important, simply reload the page to restart.
I apologize but this edit method is the best I can find currently.