Class Select Calculator

If you use FF4 and cannot view the ZohoSheet online calculators, there is now a workaround.  Click here!

Click the "Click to Edit" button before trying to input values.

Fill in HIGHLIGHTED cells only, leave any stats you don't want leveled up blank.

Why is the resistance display there when I do not allocate points into that stat?

If you choose to not level resistance, some times ties in soul levels may not be a fair indication of class rank.  50VIT/14ATT/40END/50STR will tell you that Pyro and Bandit are both SL110.  This is true.  However, due to not all classes having the same amount of stats for SL0 equivalent, some will be better.  In this case, the Pyro and the Bandit will both have the same level, the same offensive power, but the Pyromancer will receive one additional point in resistance, entirely free!  This is obviously better, even if it is only to a slight degree.  

Why does this happen?

Not all classes have the same amount of stats allocated to them at start.  Previously, in Demon's Souls, this was corrected by the soul level being the sum of all stats minus 80. That would mean 80 stat points corresponds to level 0.  However, in this game, different classes have different stat allocations for level 0.  Sorcerer is 79, Pyro and Wanderer are 83.  The rest fall in between.  This doesn't necessarily mean that Pyro and Wanderer are always the best, as specific builds may be better catered by other classes, pending on how stats are allocated.

Why are these SL 0 stat values different?

Cannot be certain.  However, it is worth noting, that the resistance stat is the cause.  Why it is the cause is the part unknown.  Take those SL 0 stat levels, like 79 for the sorcerer, or 83 for the wanderer.  Subtract the resistance stat for those classes.  Now, all classes are equal with 71 stats.  Thanks to Otaku_Oyabunn for calling attention to this.

What does it mean?

If you put points into resistance, it means nothing.  The ranked classes list will give you all you need to know.  If you DON'T put points into resistance. Ties in soul level may not be an accurate indication of ties between the classes.  The example to the right shows you that Pyromancer will be better.  You get a free point for absolutely nothing.
Important numbers:

10 ATT - 1 slot
12 ATT - 2 slots
14 ATT - 3 slots
16 ATT - 4 slots
19 ATT - 5 slots
23 ATT - 6 slots
28 ATT - 7 slots
34 ATT - 8 slots
41 ATT - 9 slots
50 ATT - 10 slots

20 END - 110 stamina / 60.0 Equip Burden
30 END - 133 stamina / 70.0 Equip Burden
40 END - 160 stamina (maximum) / 80.0 Equip Burden

30 VIT - 1100 HP
40 VIT - 1325 HP
45 VIT - 1424 HP
50 VIT - 1500 HP
99 VIT - 1900 HP

Full numbers will be calculated in the main Dark Souls Stat Planner, to be released when I have all the proper numbers.  Until then, use these as a reference.  I can provide full HP and stamina tables, maybe level interaction ranges, if people are interested enough.