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Attack Rating Comparison Calculator (coming later)



****************************************************************CURRENT TASK****************************************************************

Poise Breakpoints

The way this one would work out is a multi-part thing.  First, we know the breakpoint of one very popular weapon, claymore.  It is 53 while 1 handed.  That is a good starting point.  I believe this may be related to the stamina damage hidden stat on all weapons.  For those of you that have seen it, it upgrades with the weapon.  The first step is to re-confirm the 53 poise point.  The second is to see if a Raw+5 is equivalent to any other fully maxed out Claymore.  The third is to then compare an unupgraded claymore.  My initial thought, with nothing behind it, is that the Raw+5 will be equivalent to other maxed weapons, but the un-upgraded will be lower.  Sadly, if this is right, it will mean the cheapest and easiest path to testing is to get a ton of Raw+5 weapons, and all uniques would have to be fully upgraded.  Hopefully though, I am wrong and base weapons have the same poise break points.

Now, upon getting that information, is poise regen.  This might not be hard. Or it might be terribly hard, maybe long.  The good thing is, nothing changes it.  It always regens the same.  So, the first theory to test is that if your poise is not broken, you will not stop regenerating.  One user will start with nearly double the poise for a claymore hit.  The claymore will hit twice.  Poise will be lowered by one until the second hit stuns.  We know that two hits corresponds to 106 poise taken, and we know the time between claymore swings landing because we can measure it in video.  So, say 88 poise will not stop two consecutive hits, but 89 will.  That would mean that in the time between those two swings, 17 poise was regenerated.  So, grab that regen value, then repeat the process for a few other weapons (may have to do later when more breakpoints are known) then we have a good idea on the regen.

About breakpoints, once the Raw+5 and Base+0 things are figured out, this is one thing I will probably spring onto the public for.  Because anyone can test.  You just need to take an applicable weapon, have your opponent use a specific poise level, then find out where they can eat the hit where at one poise lower they could not eat the hit.  With time and armor, anything is possible.  The only real problem lies in how much do people really want, or need to know.  R1 attacks, or should there also be 2h R1, maybe R2, then 2h R2, then f+R2 in 1 and 2 (if there is a difference), then there is left hand attacks.  Things can get very complicated very fast.  And at some point, it will be a struggle to test just one weapon within the 20 estus flask limit for meeting up.  That wouldn't be good unless I could somehow gather 170 people, which I obviously cannot.  I hope there is some sort of relation to other things like attack modifiers, because that could be a whole lot of excess work.  I'll try to do some testing before it happens.  With any luck, we can just worry about a simple 1h R1.


This is mainly an implementation sort of thing, but I'll eventually post up a list here of names and effects.  Some might only display a note, some may actually effect calculations.  I don't think anything will require any specific testing, but who knows.

Body Buffs:
  • Green Blossom - +40 stamina regen - 60 sec
  • Transient Curse - Attack Ghosts - 300 sec?
  • Flash Sweat - +45%??? Fire Defense (easy to test) - 60 sec
  • Iron Flesh - Infinite Poise, reduce damage by ?% - 30 sec
  • Power Within - +40% damage increase (post mitigation), deals (HP*MA)/10,000 to you per second - 100 seconds (stam regen???)
  • Hush - Don't make noise - time = ?
  • Fall Control - no fall damage in non-fatal situations - 45 sec
  • Hidden Body - hard to see/target - 60 sec
  • Cast Light - ToG made easy - 300 sec
  • Chameleon - Trololol - until canceled
  • Resist Curse - ???
  • Replenishment - __HP per _sec - __ sec
  • Bountiful Sunlight - __HP per _sec for you and allies - __ sec
  • Magic Barrier
  • Great Magic Barrier
  • Karmic Justice
  • Vow of Silence - include even?
I'm starting to think it isn't worth including a lot of these.  Pretty much only worth including the ones that have effects with numbers attached.  No one needs to have something go out of the way to display that Cast Light gives you a light on your head.  Or what Chameleon or Hush, or Fall Control, or any of that does.  Probably going to reduce a lot of effects.  Focus more on things like Magic Barriers, the damage of Karmic Justice, HP regen/removals from buffs, defense values for iron flesh, etc.  Weapons are simpler though, I think invisible weapon is the only one that won't have a number attached.


Areas in which I could use some help in the future:

Output Help - I am great with Excel, but it has many limitations when it comes to online presentation.  The fact that one spreadsheet is split into 15 separate pages for the Demon's Souls (and again for Dark Souls) weapon attack ratings is a good example of that.  As of right now, I am working with isthatguy on an online version (external link).  It is coming along nicely.  It will take a while to hit it's completion, but it will be glorious when it does.  At the moment, I am satisfied with this setup.  However, if you would still like to help with this, contact me on the Feedback page and leave an email.  We have a fair team but may still be interested in additional helpers.

Other - You can help out this site without even making much of an effort to.  Be sure to update the wiki with useful information and write guides.  Weapon attack movesets, weapon upgrade paths, different types of hit landings (critical, backstab, normal, air attack, etc.), armor upgrades, and so on.  Your contributions to other sources will help in this process.  So, update your wiki, write your guides, discuss on wiki forums, GFAQs, PTD, etc.  Getting the word out on this site so more helpers and users can see it is also very welcome.  Getting topics stickied, link on the wiki, and all that.  I and others will be putting in quite a bit of effort into it, so the more people that can make use of it the better.