Class selection and character stat calculator

Instructions: Under desired stat you can enter "0" if you don't care about that stat. The final levels for your class will be computed. If you want to compute HP, all the "desired stats" should be correct (and possible). Tell me if you find any mistakes in the formulas.
* I added an attunement slot as well as a stamina/equip load statistics based on the information in 
* My formula for agility is now based on my own data and should be more accurate for higher values of ATT and ADP.
QUESTION: Is agility worthless after all?
* I added ATK: Str and ATK: Dex.
* HP(TDR) is the hp with the Third Dragon Ring equipped.
* HP(TDR+LR2) is the hp with the Third Dragon Ring as well as the Life Ring +2 equipped.
* Stamina(TDR) is the stamina with the Third Dragon Ring equipped.
* I added Magic BNS, Lghtng BNS and Fire BNS.  Fire BNS is accurate (so far) as long as the sum of INT and FAI is less or equal to 100. 
* Dark BNS is based on the smaller of INT and FAI.