Best Practices in Illumination for the Boy Scouts

Dark-Sky Camping Guide

Dark-Sky Camping PDF - Approved by the BSA Committee on Camping and Conservation

Florida's Sea Turtle Lighting - Excellent resource for good lighting fixtures (appendix D)

National Park Service Night Sky Team

Light Pollution impact on Federal Class 1 Lands 

Light Pollution impact on Scout Camps

Camps committed to improvement 

Scouts in Action - Educating and working toward a better tomorrow.

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization Declaration

Department of Energy comments on Solid State Outdoor Lighting  

We sent  letters  to  every Senator,  Representative,  the President, various Agencies and Individuals asking for their comments on Dark-Sky Camping.  Here are their responses:

National Park Service  PDF

Claire McCaskill - MO  PDF
Joseph I. Leiberman - CT PDF
Christopher Bond - MO  PDF

Sam Graves - MO  PDF
Emanuel Cleaver, II - MO Pg1 Pg2

Former VP Al Gore PDF

Scouts and Scouters,

As you read about Dark-Sky Camping I hope you gain an appreciation of a shared resource that's slowly vanishing – The Natural Nighttime Sky.  The nighttime sky is the one thing that we share in common around the world and through time.  What would Robert Baden-Powell say today if he could no longer take a group of Scouts into the night and teach them how to navigate without a compass?

After reading, I hope you ask yourself if you can do anything to help solve this growing problem.  The International Dark-Sky Association is joining forces with others interested in reducing light pollution and hosting a letter campaign urging Congress to use existing visibility control programs within the EPA to reduce light pollution. 

I challenge you to take a minute and make a difference in light pollution across our Nation.  Your voice does count and you will be heard.

May you have the opportunity to see the Milky Way and Northern Lights during your camping adventures,

David Crawford
Executive Director & Chief Executive Officer
International Dark-Sky Association