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7 years in the making.  Over 195,000 words of spoken dialogue.  Multiple, branching storylines.  15-20 hours or more of gameplay.  Invisible War was OK, but this is the sequel that the Deus Ex community deserves.  While not so much building upon Deus Ex as parodying it, TNM does build upon virtually every feature Deus Ex introduced (and some of the better features of Invisible War) and makes it work so much better.  Yes, TNM is a better game than Deus Ex, in every respect but the story.  Anything you probably love about Deus Ex is more than likely improved upon in The Nameless Mod.

The Nameless Mod is such a big deal that it deserves its own sub-section of this site.  It is more important than Invisible War, and everyone who calls themselves a fan of Deus Ex owes it to themselves to play this epic tribute at least twice (for the two main storylines).  Please, browse the links to your left to read more about this amazing game, or just head over to the official site and download it straight away.

I've heard enough!  I want TNM now!