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Announcement: ShifterPlus development HALTED.
Thank you for playing.

As of June 2009, ShifterPlus was dropped as an active project.  You may continue to use ShifterPlus if you like what it does for your game, but know that no future versions are planned.  I strongly recommend using the latest version of the original Shifter.  My reason for this is simply that I want to focus on other projects.  If you are working on a Shifter fork, you have my permission to use ShifterPlus in your work however you see fit.  Give me a nod if you like, but I don't require it.

New version posted.  This is the second build of ShifterPlus based on Shifter 1.7.2.  All the things you loved (or hated) about the previous ShifterPlus, but with a few fixes.  I forgot to include the hack where the NSF troops on Liberty keep their stuff after being automatically killed, so that's back to normal until unless I forget again.  Also the main menu says ShifterPlus with the version number, and if you go from fullscreen to windowed you will see that it's called ShifterPlus.

Also note that ShifterPlus uses the RAR archive format.  I use a Dial-Up connection to access the Net, and the 600kB difference between ZIP's best compression and RAR's best really helps me get ShifterPlus up there in a hurry, particularly on the occasion I make a mistake.  Also considering that sometimes my connection drops out (I live in the country) RAR is a must.  I recommend WinRAR (download trial)but there are freeware alternatives. 

ShifterPlus is a mod for Deus Ex based upon another mod, Shifter.  Shifter's author, Yukichigai, describes it as an attempt to "remove the suck" from the game (what little it had).  He fixes things which were broken even after the latest patch, changes things worth changing, and adds a few things to breathe new life into such an old game.  Here's a taste of what Shifter adds:

* New skills for kills system - kill enemies to receive skill points.  Bonuses for headshots and distance.  Killing friendlies results in a loss of points.

* New unique weapons hidden throughout the game.

* Merged Combat Strength and Microfibral Muscle augs and added new alternative, EMP Damage.

* Added new aug Skull Gun.

ShifterPlus is my attempt to take something great and make it better, in my opinion.  I am not nearly as adept at code as Yuki; I merely copy and paste, or change variables.  Still, it is enough to do what I want, and basically that is:

* No more ammo caps.  Well, they're there, but rather than being able to carry a couple dozen or couple hundred rounds, you can carry hundreds of thousands.  You can carry 100 of each kind of grenade.

* The pistol can shoot underwater - others can, too.  You can put a silencer on the pistol.  (Yes, that makes the stealth pistol worthless.)  Other such restrictions are lifted.

* No more losing skill points for killing friendlies.  Kill who you like so long as they're not invincible.

*Remote computer access.  The coolest part of another mod, Smoke's mod, works here as well.  You can upgrade the Datalink, and in doing so you can now access computers and security consoles from a fair distance.

Yuki and other DX loyalists argue that ShifterPlus takes away the realism of the game.  I agree with them.  But I have played and beat Deus Ex well in excess of 50 times.  I'm looking for fun, and cheating is too extreme.  I'd rather bend the rules a little.

If you haven't played Deus Ex, you're missing out.  It's a great game.  If you have, you owe it to yourself to try Shifter.  Do a couple runs with Shifter before you try ShifterPlus.  Yuki's mod really is the better one for keeping true to the original spirit of the game.  Mine just makes it a little more fun.

Locations of the new weapons in Shifter (applies to ShifterPlus as well)

**NEW 8 November 2007**

MASTER_GOD Savefile uploaded!  This is the savefile I play with when I really want to tear shit up in DX.  Well, you know I made ShifterPlus from Shifter with the goal of making DX more FUN (not necessarily realistic), but this savefile takes that a step or ten farther.  Here's what happens when you load MASTER_GOD in your DX with ShifterPlus:

JC starts at the dock.  Sorry, no cutscene, I didn't know how to keep it.  So you bypass the opening cutscene.  Alex hasn't paged you yet, and Paul's not on his way just yet, but if you step forward, that happens.

JC's ready to take names and kick ass.  All skill levels are mastered.  All of his biomods/nanoaugmentations are installed (my choices) and maxed out.  That includes the cloak, the speed running, and the regeneration.  You can zip by enemies unseen, faster than anyone, and heal yourself.  (What you don't get, are the biocells, so you still have to conserve energy, mwa ha ha ha ha... So just use the guns.)

Speaking of guns.  Pistol, with Explosive ammo loaded.  Assault gun with 7.62mm ammo loaded, and the Sniper rifle.  All fully packed with over 15,000 spare rounds.  (If you load this save with Shifter, not ShifterPlus, Shifter's ammo caps will be enforced and you lose all but what Shifter allows.)  Pistol and Assault Gun have their caps in both weapon types.  All three weapons are fully modded.  That means the pistol's silent (again, you'll lose the silencer in regular Shifter, as it doesn't support it).

And, I think that's about it.  If you're ready to have some fun, download the save file.  You need WinRAR (or anything that can handle the .rar archive format).  Just unpack to C:\DeusEx\Save, you might have to rename your current Save0001 folder (don't worry, this won't hurt it, just puts it farther down the list).  Link's in the navbar to the left.