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As with anything else on the Net, you should regard things you hear which sound too good to be true with a fair amount of skepticism.  Deus Ex, as a franchise and game, is not without its rumors, some more well-known than others.  Here I will address those I've heard.  If you have a dispute over any of them, as always you can contact me.  If I'm wrong, I will update the page accordingly and give you credit for the information.

R1. Deus Ex 3.
T1. Project: Snowblind (see Similar Games) was going to be Deus Ex: Clan Wars, aka DX3, but due to Invisible War's bad sales it was reimagined as a game of its own.  Ion Storm is disbanded, but Warren Spector has expressed interest in doing a new game - but it's Eidos that owns the rights.  In other words, not likely.  Though if Warren Spector makes a new game, even if it won't be set in the DX universe, it may still be a pretty good game.

R2. You can shoot through bulletproof glass or wiremesh windows.
T2. True - but only around the edges.  There is a microscopic gap between these objects and the walls you can get a bullet through.  Not a GEP round or a LAM.  If you're using Shifter or ShifterPlus, an explosive 10mm round can make it.  So you can kill Bob Page and Maggie Chow early, but it's hard to do and messes with the game.

R3. You can get into the Armory at UNATCO.
T3. Only when Carter opens it for you when you're escaping.  However, jetsetlemming claims that on the second time you meet Carter - after he's rewarding you for Castle Clinton and the subway hostage situation - you can coax Carter into opening the door.  His video shows him shooting the glass in front of Carter just a few times to turn Carter "hostile".  In his game/video, Carter turns hostile, draws an assault shotgun, opens the door, and begins firing on JC (at which point you'd run in, get what you want, and get out).  In mine, I can only get Carter to turn hostile by exploiting the above - it's not enough on mine to just shoot the glass - and even then, though he may pull the gun, sometimes he puts it away, and though he may run around the door a bit, most of the time he just runs as far from JC as possible.  At any rate he never opens it for me.  I have the original Deus Ex, and jetset has the GOTY version, so maybe that's the difference.  I never got GOTY, but I might someday.

R4. You can get JC to scold Paul.
T4. I've never seen it, and when asked directly, people don't know how to do it.  But every now and then you'll hear someone in the online DX communities say they played by the book and got JC to scold Paul about his tactics, suggesting he needs to follow UNATCO policy more closely, something like that.  Though I think they're making it up or confusing it for something else.

R5. There's an inaccessible, hidden item/ammo cache on Liberty Island
T5. I don't think so.  The rumor goes that somewhere on Liberty Island, inaccessible by normal means, there is a cache of items and/or weapons you can find with the no-clipping cheat.  I can't say for sure that there isn't, but I've gone over the inaccessible areas that I know about and have found nothing.  There are a few areas - the triangle-shaped walled-off areas on either side in front of the statue, and the one between the path to UNATCO HQ and the docks you start at.  I've been in all three, plus inside the crates, inside that small block at the start (that may be like a ticket booth), and all over, and I haven't found any such cache.

R6. There's a secret ending involving a dance.
T6. Yes and no.  Yes, the ending is there, but there's no way to access it, and it's not really an ending.  It's just a little video of people dancing.  To access it, you must be able to cheat.  Access the console (typically ~) and type LEGEND, hit Enter.  Choose the Load Map option and choose 99_Endgame4.  Then sit back and watch.  You can't do anything and it doesn't go anywhere; as far as I know it goes on forever.  Someone should make this into a screensaver - the saver launches the game and goes right to this, and moving the mouse closes the "game".

(R=Rumor; T=Truth)