Retail vs. Game of the Year Edition

Retail with the 1.112fm patch =/= GOTY Version...

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So, you've updated Deus Ex to version 1.112fm and you think you've got the latest version of the game, eh?  Well, there's another version, the Game of the Year edition, and there's no patch to update to it.  There are only a couple minor changes between Retail 1.112fm and GOTY, but with the help of the DX community, I'm seeking them out and working on a solution to truly get us all on the same page, as it were.  Eventually I'll have two packs up here that you'll download one of, depending on your version.  A pack for Retail owners and a pack for GOTY owners that will give them both the same game files, making a unified platform for modification.  The Retail 1.112fm (which GOTY comes with) pretty much does this, but there are still inconsistencies to be worked out.  While I am not sure I have everything just yet, I'll post the relevant files and you can pick and choose what you like.

04_NYC_NSFHQ (GOTY) - This map is the NSF HQ where you're supposed to find a piece of evidence and send out a satellite signal.  If you've played the game, you know the one.  In the Retail version, the evidence was in plain sight on top of a lockbox.  This is the GOTY version of the map, where the evidence is out of sight.  No idea why this map wasn't included in the 1.112fm patch, but here it is.  At this point, this map is all a Retail 1.112fm owner needs to be at the GOTY level.  Thanks to pez2k over at GameFAQs for this file.  This is a RAR archive file; you will need WinRAR or the free 7-Zip to open this.  This archive contains a map file; place it in your DeusEx\Maps directory.  It will ask to overwrite; choose yes to replace your original map.

08_NYC_STREET (Retail) - This map is the NYC Hells Kitchen streets map where you get to play sniper, if you have a sniper rifle.  Otherwise you have a lot of fighting ahead of you, as you have to make it to the bar to meet someone and then into a burned-out store to meet someone else, before you get ambushed, and have to get back to the roof.  Apparently in GOTY, this map doesn't play the background music.  GOTY owners can download this map and enjoy it with music.  This one is courtesy of yours truly... is it any mystery now which version of the game I own?  This archive contains a map file; place it in your DeusEx\Maps directory.  It will ask to overwrite; choose yes to replace your original map.

titan.utx (Retail) -  GOTY owners are missing this texture file, and a modification presently unknown to me requires it.  A second mod, also unkown to me, also requires it but will supply it if it is not available.  You can make it available yourself by downloading this archive.  This is a texture file; place it in your DeusEx\Textures directory.  (I have no idea what it actually is - I wonder if it's the Titan from Unreal - that BAMF who'd shake the earth and AFAIK couldn't be killed.  Probably not as there is no such monster anywhere in Deus Ex, although Deus Ex uses the same game engine as Unreal (and the first Unreal Tournament).)

Logos (Both) - This is completely unnecessary, but if you want to convince yourself and your friends that you have the other version, here they are.  This archive contains the logos for both GOTY and Retail, but only GOTY's work.  To enable the Retail versions, change Logo and LogoSmall to something else (like Logo_GOTY etc.) and remove the underscore in the other two.  Extract these to your Help folder.  If you already have GOTY, just extract the two with the underscores as the regular ones, you should already have.