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"I'm the more advanced model, Denton. It's time for you to retire."

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The Nameless Mod
The grand Mack-daddy of Deus Ex mods.  Larger than Deus Ex itself in almost every way, this thing features voice acting on par with the original, an epic, vast story, better music (plus an actual rock song with lyrics over the credits), all-new weapons, characters you have to see to believe, and a story that will tie your mind up in knots.  The setting is a Deus Ex-themed virtual world based on a Deus Ex fan forum.  One of the three moderators turns up missing, and you, Trestkon, gets called back after a 2-year absence by your old friends to help them find their man.
Check it out: TheNamelessMod.com or read more!

Deus Ex High-Definition Texture Pack (HDTP)
This amazing project, like Shifter, doesn't add anything to the game, but rather focuses on improving what is already there. But HDTP works on the graphics, replacing the textures and models with newer stuff. When completed, HDTP promises to make DX look a lot sharper, a lot newer. They do have a release you can download, but it is far from complete, only a few things are updated, so you can see the direction it's going.
Check it out: HDTP

Deus Ex Revision DEMO
The opening movie, as well as all the main maps and a couple sub-maps leading up to your escape from UNATCO HQ have all been redesigned.  New stuff on Liberty Island.  Hells Kitchen and the 'Ton are now HUGE.  If you love Deus Ex and want to recapture that feeling of newness without sacrificing (much) of the validity of the original, this will do that for you.  It has a couple quirks (colorful lighting, for example) but it is a work in progress, and I like where it's headed.
Get DX:R here: FileFront (never mind it says Invisible War on the site)

A new set of missions for Deus Ex. You play as Paul Denton and visit such locales as CIA headquarters. Areas in this mod seemed to me to be larger than necessary, with some things hard to find. I have yet to complete it, but I haven't tried recently. I really need to give this one another go.
Get Zodiac here: Zodiac Home | Yahoo | FileFront

Another new set of missions for Deus Ex, but here you play a new agent named Joseph (not Manderley). For fans of the Hong Kong parts of the original Deus Ex, Redsun takes place in Tokyo, Japan. Redsun offers gameplay more like the original Deus Ex, but a little harder. I never finished this one, either.
Get Redsun here: Redsun Home

Hotel Carone
A single mission, but it's a big one. Well, an intro mission and a solo mission. The big mission is a hostage situation in a very large hotel. You will have to use all of your stealth skills to complete this mission. I've never completed it.
Get Hotel Carone here: HC Home

Hardcore Mod
So you think Shifter and ShifterPlus make the game too easy. You've beaten a couple or more of these mods listed above, and you think you can't be challenged? The Hardcore mod is for you. It brings even the most elite veterans to their knees. Like Shifter it changes the rules, but makes them much, much harder. You WILL get your ass handed to you on the first level, no matter how good you are.
Go Hardcore at: Hardcore Home

Smoke's Mod
Just as ambitious as Shifter, but in a different direction. The first thing Smoke's offers you is the ability to customize JC's appearance - totally. The mod adds animations for broken water fountains, changes the way jumping works... Smoke's mod is where I got the inspiration (and the code - thanks Smoke) for the upgradeable Datalink in ShifterPlus. Also, if you get a part of your body damaged, you can't use augs from that area. It's not my favorite mod, but it's worth mentioning (and hard to find elsewhere).
Smoke's mod: Download here

Loud Guns
Makes the guns louder, so firing unsilenced guns will attract enemies from farther away.  Also it makes silenced guns no longer silent, but only about half their original volume.  This is done to establish a sense of reality as real silenced guns are not nearly as quiet as they are in DX.  This is based on Shifter, so you will get all of the benefits of Shifter 1.8, plus the "loud guns" features.  See the Readme for complete information.
Turn up the volume here.

Burden of 80 Proof
So, you think you've seen it all... but have you seen the sun? Heh - got you there. Burden of 80 Proof has nothing to do with JC Denton or UNATCO or MJ12 or the Illuminati or anything else in Deus Ex; this mod takes its own direction, set in the present. It's kind of silly, but it's an interesting distraction.
Get Burdened at ModDBFileFront

Other mods
The good folks over at OTP have compiled, to the best of their collective knowledge, a list of all the Deus Ex mods of any kind that they could find.   Here is their list, more mods than you can shake a stick at.  However, many of these mods are hosted on Fileplanet, which will require you to register, spam the heck out of your inbox, and then delete your account if you don't use it for so long, so before you subject your inbox to such abuse, consider looking here for a temporary login, if you go that route.