Optional Objectives

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Of course, there are many optional objectives. Rescuing Ford Schick from the MJ12 sewer facility. The hostages in the 'Ton hotel. But there are a few primary objectives you can just skip, too, and if you're going for a quick play, it might not be such a bad idea. Note that skipping a primary objective will leave it there in your datavault for a while, maybe even indefinitely. Naturally, this article is under construction.

1. Liberty Island
Start the game on whichever difficulty level you like, choose whichever extra weapon from Paul you prefer, and then get the gas grenade from the ammo box: just as you get on the island from the dock, to your left it's on top of some long crates. What you do is, you unequip your weapon, run around back, face it, jump, and at the right moment, press [Use] to grab the box. JC will sort of pull it down with him. This is itself a glitch; you're supposed to go up there and get it. You might have to move around a little before JC can throw the box down.

Now that you have yourself one gas grenade, go to UNATCO HQ. Equip the grenade, walk up to the door (which you cannot open), slide to the right, and place it in the corner. Step back and shoot the grenade. After a couple minutes, the door might open. Also one of the UNATCO troops might start shooting at you, and if that happens, the other one might join in. You can kill both of these grunts without consequence before doing anything if you want to eliminate the loose end.

What happens is, the gas goes through the walls, and it bothers the UNATCO troop sitting at the front desk. After the gas has dissipated, he switches to cowardly-run mode. He might head deeper into the building, or he might come running out. When he runs out, you run in. Once that happens, everybody inside assumes you didn't kill the NSF commander but got him to surrender, and slipped by a lot of the terrorists, unless you kill, I think 4 or 5 or more, which triggers the whole mass murderer flag and everyone thinks you're a hero.

2. Battery Park
You are given two objectives here. Find a barrel of Ambrosia, and rescue two hostages in the subway. You don't have to do either, really, although the latter you may end up doing anyway.

When the mission starts, Anna Navarre gives you your assignment. You could go her way, or you could go in the back way (close to where you are) or you could just say Eff it and head right for the subway (which JC doesn't know about at this point).

If you do, help the UNATCO guys (or don't, just wait for the smoke to clear, 4 out of 5 times they win, otherwise there's just one badly wounded terrorist to shoot) and then get into the vents. The obvious one is to the left of the subway station entrance, but there's another one in one of the temporary structures across from the entrance, too.

Now, I can't really guide you through the vents. You just have to poke around with your flashlight. Don't worry, you won't run out of juice for it. Shouldn't anyway. There are two levels down there, you want the bottom one. The top one will take you above the subway station, just above, and you don't want that. Not for this. On the lower level, the vents wrap around the area. You want to go around, catch the one just by the train. Watch the guys on patrol. Don't let them see you, but press the button to get on the train, and sneak on. If you talk to one of the hostages first (or they talk to you), you'll complete the hostage objective. But you can skip that as well.

I have heard Paul will rip you a new one if you left the hostages. The male hostage talked to me, so I saved them, and Paul didn't say a word about leaving the Ambrosia, probably because *Spoilers* he works for the NSF.

3. UNATCO/MJ12 Escape
First of all, when you surrender to Gunther or are killed by Gunther or someone else, keep your finger on F1. As soon as the mission loads, hit F1 to pull up your inventory before it empties. Drop anything you want to keep. Close out the menu - you'll lose anything you left there.

Let the next part play out. If you didn't kill Anna on the plane, she'll taunt you here. Otherwise, let Daedalus free you. Take care of the jailer, quick, and run out (this door closes after a while, and is a pain to open while being shot at by the turret.

Don't worry about the armory - heck, don't even worry about the Datavault you're supposed to get from Paul or his body. Head right, go around the command center, and go to the exit door. While Daedalus is telling you he won't give you the code (or after) enter code 1125 to leave. You still have to fight through UNATCO, but the hardest part is behind you.

Actually, fighting Anna is a little harder. To make that a piece of cake, first hack her computer (office is across from the armory) to get part of her killphrase, then when you go upstairs, don't go up the stairs to where Paul's office is, but instead deal with Manderley, then hack his computer to get the next part of the killphrase. Now you can go all the way up. JC will use it automatically, and the dialogue is fun.

4. Hong Kong
Once you get to the Wan Chai Market, you can turn the long and tedious Hong Kong series of missions upside down, and be done with HK and on your way back to New York in half the time.

First and foremost, you will need codes that JC is not given until later and has no business knowing. Therefore, you morally cross the line from exploiting a hole in the game to going outside the game and cheating, looking up codes. Which is fine, it's not like God Mode, but it is a little less honest as far as an honest play-through is concerned.

That said, most players go talk to Gordon Quick first to receive the Dragon Tooth Sword mission, but it's commonly known that you can do that straight away. For now, just wait.

Your first stop should be VersaLife. You'll be warned not to go there until your killswitch is defeated, but the killswitch never affects gameplay and it never actually kills JC. Take all the time you need. The code to get in, which you're supposed to get from Tong after stealing the sword, after talking to Max Chen, is 06288. That will get you into Versalife.

To get down to the labs, you can either kill Hundley (if you run right up to the third floor, he's right there near whatsisname - actually by the water cooler - and you can pop a cap in his ass and get the code. Or just go on down, it's 6512. And to enter the labs, under the hand, just enter 12 on the side of the hand statue.

Now I advise some housecleaning before you hack the computer down here, because it sets off an alarm. First there's GEP Guy, who patrols the room itself. Definitely get rid of him. Then there's that hallway which leads to a bunker, and then the labs. At least half a dozen guys in there. Set up a couple LAMs in the hallway to catch anyone coming in (and give you a warning that more are on the way). Hack the computer (or use mchow:damocles). Then head to Level 2.

Accessing Level 2's labs works for others, but not me. The code given in the game, 55655, only works once you've left and done other stuff. The code that works now is 45623, but while the keypad says Granted, it still buzzes and the door doesn't open. I had to force it with OPENSESAME. Either somebody lied to me on GameFAQs, or Shifter "fixes" the ability to continue on, early, because I use ShifterPlus, which is based on Shifter.

Once in Level 2, do what you normally do. Hack the computer to get the virus specification and whatever else in there, then kill Maggie and blow up the UC (enter the code 525, do it twice quickly to lock the spiderbots in and stop the electrical 'storm') and continue on. After Tong tells you about the Illuminati, you'll be in the canals. Now head to Maggie Chow's place.

Oddly enough, the maid will still greet you. I didn't give her a chance to talk. Maggie isn't there, because when I did it, I killed her by the UC. You still have to get past the 4-5 MJ12 troops to get at the Dragon Tooth Sword. Not a problem except one is trigger happy and carries a plasma rifle. Best way to do this, pull on that one Chinese lantern in that one corner that opens the door. Set a LAM on the wall before the lasers. Now crouch and crawl down the hallway, hack the panel, sneak in, and hack the computer to unlock the sword case. And in case you didn't know, you don't have to actually take it. Just open the case, maybe be standing near the sword when it can be taken, to trigger the message from Tong. Even when you show it to Chen, you don't have to take it. Anyway, while you can sneak in, you can't sneak out. Sneak as far as you can get until one sees you, then get up and bolt for the door. If they chase you, the LAM will kill anyone hot on your tail.

Next we go talk to Max Chen. Get in how you normally do. I pay, but some say you can cause a disturbance and get in for free. Smash one of the mirrors to get into the conference room. Go into Chen's private sanctuary to the right, and talk to him. Fight your way out, but don't go to the temple just yet.

Now for the fun part. Go to Tong's compound. Talk to Quick, he'll give you the sword mission, but JC will say it's done. Go inside. Tong will deactivate the killswitch, and send you to the first Versalife mission. Instead go to the temple, where Max Chen and Gordon Quick cement their alliance. Now return to Tong. He'll send you to the second Versalife mission. Simply talk to him again and he'll send you back to New York.

Half of Hong Kong is running back and forth. Do it that way, you only visit each place once, except Tong's compound. Versalife, then Chow's apartment, then the Lucky Money, Tong's compound, the temple next door, and then Tong's compound one more time. It can't get any easier.

You gotta appreciate a game that tells you to do something and, when you don't do it, works around your decision. It's just a little better than doing something you're not supposed to do (see the Grand Theft Auto series).