Off-Limits Liberty Island

"This area is off-limits." 

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When you return to Liberty Island after the NSF Generator and Lebedev missions, you'll find that most of Liberty Island is off-limits; you can't go beyond the HQ gates.

Not without cheating, anyway.

You may think you can see the rest of the first map from where you are, but in truth, it's a unique map each time, and you can see most of what's drawn; it's only there to make HQ look complete.  The Statue itself is incomplete in the parts you cannot see.

If you use the GHOST/WALK cheat to cross the fence (or a legitimate method, e.g. with the speed aug), there are actually some things you can get.

The first time Liberty Island is off-limits, you've just destroyed the NSF generator.  If you can get on top of the Statue's main room - rememeber where the NSF troop and mercenary were talking, the room with the four ways in, the three smoke grenades?  There are two LAMs, each protecting one entrance.  There's also an explosive barrel protecting another.  If you go up from there, you'll run into a dead-end with a smoke grenade.  All active.

The second and last time, it's after you meet Lebedev and killed him, or not.  There's a crate up on the Statue, around where the three guys are pacing in front, containing a lockpick.

These things are pretty random and inconsequential.  You don't need them.  And they're impossible to get at without cheating.  (Even if you can use the speed aug to clear the fence at HQ, you can't jump up on the statue - the boxes around back aren't there either time.)

So I guess it's just another thing for the die-hard DX fan to find.

Another off-limits cache is, I believe, impossible to raid.  There is in fact a safe in Manderley's office, but you will never see it without cheating.  It is located on the floor behind the bookcase.  It's empty, except on your second visit to Manderley's office (after the NSF generator) when there's a recoil mod, and I think a candybar or multitool.  You can see it using the GHOST cheat, but there's not enough room for you to materialize inside.  As far as I know, there's no way, legitimate or otherwise, to get yourself in there or the spoils, out.