Known Bugs

"Once the bug bites, you've already lost the patient."

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MJ12 Raid Muckup

Problem: You go to send the NSF distress signal at Paul's request, but when you come back, the raid has started early, a few of the enemies are invincible, and Paul is either locked in perpetual combat (being invincible as well) or he is gone and you cannot proceed.

Why it happens: This part of the game was simply badly coded.  You're expected to come in through the window, and if you do that everything is fine.  Sometimes you can come in through the front door, sometimes it does this.

Solution: Reload an earlier save, if you have one.  Or start over.  And when you send the NSF signal, when you return, come in through the window.  There is also a hack to get past this part (editing game flags) but this will corrupt your save later, make it unloadable.

Can't Get On The Boat

Problem: After completing Liberty Island, going through HQ, you try to get on the boat to continue to the next mission, but you can't.

Why it happens: You have a badly pirated game.  Before broadband, game pirates compressed games two, three times over and removed video and audio tracks to save space.  These "rips" were of low quality but in most cases let you play the game - mostly.  Some bonehead did this with DX but didn't test it, and as a result did not find out that without the audio to play, when someone sends you a voice transmission, the game locks up a function that you need to get into a vehicle.  Something like that.

Solution: Buy the game, cheapskate.  You can get it for $10 shipped on or Yahoo! Shopping.