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To play using Shifter or ShifterPlus; more to the point, to get the most out of your game, there are a few files you should get.  I won't host anything too big, but I'll search Google for them, avoiding paid or required-registration sites.  So no Fileplanet, Fileshack, no sites that require your email address to sell to spammers.  I would appreciate being notified if any turn up dead or start charging or requiring your email address or whatever.  Honest sites only.

Deus Ex MP Patch 1112fm - This is the latest patch; it will update your game to the absolute final official version.  You MUST have this installed to use Shifter or ShifterPlus.  I'm not kidding - if you try you will get an error.  It adds multiplayer, but it's atrocious.  Allegedly Shifter fixes it.  I'm on Dialup, so I dare not try online gaming.  This file is a whopper at 37MB, but you need it.  Burn it to CD and put the CD with your Deus Ex CD.

Download it from... GameZone EdgeFiles AusGamers 


Deus Ex SDK 1112f - Despite no "M" there, this is the SDK you need.  It contains the map editor UnrealEd and a bunch of stuff I've never messed with.  Unless you have reason to do otherwise, only install the minimum.  When I describe how to edit the game's data files, you'll only need UnrealEd (and UCC, included). This one is 7MB.  Put this one on the CD with the patch above, the next file, and any mods you enjoy, and you'll be good to go.

Download it from... GameZone 3D Gamers

OCX files needed by UnrealEd - So you go to start UnrealEd and it needs an OCX file?  It actually needs four, and if you get the one it wants, it'll complain about the next one.  Download this, unpack it, and put them in your Windows\System folder.  I guess they're VisualBasic runtimes, but it's just the minimum UnrealEd needs.

Download 'em here.

OpenGL Driver Alternative - Many members of the GameFAQs Deus Ex community report better experiences with this than with the original OpenGL or the other drivers.  It's small enough I can host it here.  Extract this file to your System directory and overwrite the existing file (or rename it beforehand).

Download it from... here.


Gamma Reset tool - Owners of certain video cards have reported a bug in Deus Ex and all DX total conversion mods (TNM, Redsun, etc.) where if the game quits suddenly and/or crashes, the desktop may become bleached out due to the gamma settings in DX not being reset for the Windows desktop.  If this happens to you, use this Gamma Reset tool.  Unpack it and run it.  It has no options, it just fixes your desktop upon running.  That's all it does and it works great.

Download it here.


GUI HUD Fix - Want to play Deus Ex above 1150x850 or whatever it is?  You may have noticed that, above that resolution, the HUD (your health, weapons, etc.) gets real big.  This will fix it.  It requires a bit of work - unpack the 3 files that aren't the Readme to your DeusEx\System folder, and then modify your DeusEx.ini as outlined in the Readme.  If you want this to work for The Nameless Mod or Revision, you need to edit TNM.ini or Revision.ini, respectively, the same exact way.

Download it here.


If you have applied all of these patches, you still haven't got the Game of the Year edition, which was the final release of the game.  However, the GOTY version is missing a couple things as well, for whatever reason.  To play and enjoy the game, you don't *need* to do anything else, however there is one map in GOTY that does not play music; simply swapping it out with its Retail counterpart fixes the problem.  Also there's a texture file that some mods might need.  Click here to read more and to get these files.


Note: FileFront has removed the Deus Ex patch and the SDK from their site - that, or they've changed to require registration.  Therefore their links have been removed.