Ten Things to Know in Deus Ex
Tips for Beginners and Veterans alike

"You said it yourself; secrets are power."

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In March of 2007 in the GameFAQs forum for Deus Ex, we came up with seventeen tips, and worked it down to ten via a forum game known as "Hurt & Heal" in which every four hours, each person could "hurt" and "heal" one tip.  We started with four points, and each hurt and heal subtracted or added a point.  When seven were eliminated, we had our ten tips, and here they are.

These work for regular-old "vanilla" Deus Ex.  If there is any additional loss/gain with Shifter or ShifterPlus, I will point that out as well, but these tips were chosen with regular DX in mind. 

If you prefer to avoid spoilers, this page will help you do so.  The tips are in order of when they appear in the game.  The last one is very late in the game.  The first two apply to the very first mission.  The rest are scattered in between.

If you've beaten Liberty Island, you need not concern yourself with spoilers from MEDBOTS or BARGE.

MIRROR applies to Hells Kitchen.  You'll go there three times.  If you haven't met the Smuggler, this tip won't apply to you.

EL REY, MOLE, and AIRFIELD are in the Mole/Airfield/Lebedev mission.  If you haven't done that yet, don't read these if you don't want spoilers.

MONEY is in Hong Kong.  Unless you've been to the Lucky Money, don't read about it.  NANOTECH is also in Hong Kong.

CHAIRS is in Paris.  And OUT OF BOUNDS is in Vandenberg.  You know the drill.

If you don't care about spoilers or you've beaten the game, what are you waiting for?  Jump on in!

As for credits - it would make sense for me to credit the originators of these tips.  Until GameFAQs purges the original topic, I will link to it here for credit, but with the exception of the last two, I knew about each one of these.  Not to mention I wrote it all out.  The last two, however, I did not even know about until I started this project, and credit is given on those pages.

That said I will take the time here to thank those who have contributed:

For suggestions in the search for tips: Zidane 007, JC_Phoenix, G-Man501, fictionfan, Millers C, LtTesla, and scaredofstuff12.

For discussing the suggested tips: The above, plus BornIn1142 and jetsetlemming.

For voting in the hurt & heal: ShyRanger (15 votes, 2 resulting in an elimination); metroid13 (2 votes, 1 resulting in an elimination); JC_Phoenix and Millers C (2 votes each); Breezesong (1 vote resulting in an elimination); fictionfan, Blood_Shot, misteros, and gerdoch (1 vote each).

Thanks to all who participated.  GameFAQs will purge the topics but you will be remembered here.