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So, you dream of Deus Ex on your mobile device?  Not gonna happen, but if you got a cell phone that lets you put wallpaper and ringtones on it, I have something for you.  The Deus Ex Cell Phone Theme by Dark Reality includes a wallpaper, of the Deus Ex logo, from the title screen, and a ringtone.  Below is a picture of my phone with the wallpaper.  The ringtone you must have already heard.  It's the title theme, right when the music picks up.

I recommend the Kyocera KX-5 Slider Remix with Bluetooth from US Cellular.  I don't use the Bluetooth functionality, but it has a memory card slot; it takes Transflash/MicroSD cards.  Put that in a computer via an SD adapter and a card reader, and copy the wallpaper to CAMPICS and the ringtone over to SAVEDSND, and assign them.  These instructions are for the KX-5 and of course will differ with other phone models.  But it's pretty easy with the right phone.  A RAZR, these other phones should work, but the wallpaper is set up for vertical orientation.

Click here to get the theme.

Now, this is the closest you're going to get to a Deus Ex experience on your phone.  Well, short of assigning pictures of the game's characters to your contacts.  If people are interested (email me if you are) I will add these.  Oh, and short of including gameplay videos, but y'all can do that on your own time.  They'd be too big to upload anyway - and for some reason I can't record video in DX.