Deus Ex as a movie

1. Introduction
2. The Basics
3. JC Denton
4. Pacing

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In 2002, a film adaptation was announced for Deus Ex to be produced by Columbia and released in 2006, but the plans were scrapped in 2004. IMDb had a listing, which served little more than a place for speculation on the attached bulletin board; the listing has since been removed. This is what Wikipedia has to say (in case that information is removed as well):

A film adaptation based on the game was originally announced in May 2002 by Columbia Pictures. The movie was being produced by Laura Zisken, along with Greg Pruss attached with writing the screenplay. Peter Schlessel, president of production for Columbia Pictures, and Paul Baldwin, president of marketing for Eidos Interactive, stated that they were confident in that the adaptation would be a successful development for both the studios and the franchise. In March 2003, during an interview with Greg Pruss, he informed IGN that the character of JC Denton will be "a little bit filthier than he was in the game." He further stated that the script was shaping up to be darker in tone than the original game. A theatrical release was scheduled to occur sometime in 2006. It was purported that Willem Dafoe would star in the film, though his role was not specified. The Internet Movie Database reported that production was cancelled in May 2004, but the film profile is no longer listed. IGN, however, listed it in their Games-to-Film Frenzy II in October 2004 and is still listed as "in development" in their Games to Film listing.

Since then, Deus Ex communities have been speculating as to what would work, and what wouldn't, for a film adaptation were some other motion picture studio option the rights and begin production. Being a movie critic (amateur) and lover, I see most suggestions as short-sighted. Without wanting to offend (or shatter dreams) I often remain quiet. That said, here I explain what I feel would make (or break) a film adaptation of Deus Ex.

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