Cheats and Glitches

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Being based on Unreal Tournament '99, Deus Ex has the same cheat system.  You press a button to activate the game's "console" and enter the cheat.  Much like Quake, really.  But there is something you must do first.

You must have a shortcut to DeusEx.exe somewhere.  On your desktop perhaps, or in your Start menu.  If not, open C:\DeusEx\System, and use the right mouse button to drag DeusEx.exe to the Desktop, release and choose Create Shortcut Here.  Right click your shortcut, and choose Properties.  The "Target" field should read as the following:


Change it to:

C:\DeusEx\System\DeusEx.exe -hax0r

Now you can cheat.  But you still can't call the console, not without editing a game file.  That file is User.ini and it is located in C:\DeusEx\System, same place DeusEx.exe is.  In my User.ini the Tilde= line is at line 221 and again at 374.  Start there.  (Note: I use EditPad Lite for text editing, and it shows the line number.  Notepad does not.  It is a free application and I recommend it - you can find it here.)  Anyway, change




You can set another key to type as well, but each key is represented twice in User.ini.  Change it both places or your computer and monitor will explode.  Well, not really, but I don't know what will happen.  Just play it safe.

You can also bind cheats to keys in the same manner.  And that's not hard at all.  Simply enter the cheat in each entry for the key.  Some of the most useful cheats include:

god ~~~> God mode.  You must activate this for each map.
iamwarren ~~~> Warren's EMP field.  You'll deactivate cameras, turrets, and bots you pass near.
ghost ~~~> No-clipping mode.  Fly anywhere.  Fly too far and the game will crash.
walk ~~~> Deactivate no-clipping mode.
allhealth ~~~> Get full health.
allenergy ~~~> Refill your bio-energy
allammo ~~~> Gives you full ammo.  In ShifterPlus this may mean thousands of clips - 24,999 clips for the pistol (at 6 rounds/clip) for one.
tantalus ~~~> Destroys the current target if it can be destroyed.  Bind this to the left mouse button for some real fun.

You can also summon items, weapons, or even people or things.  For this you have to know the class names.  For example ammo10mm, augmentationupgradecannister, medicalbot, etc.  Type summon, one space, then the name.  For more than one, replace summon with spawnmass, and enter a number after the class name.  There are good long lists of class names.  Coming soon to this site will be an article about editing the game; this will give you your own list.


First of all: A glitch is not a cheat, but a flaw in the game's code that you can exploit to your benefit.  Depending on who you talk to, exploiting glitches may or may not violate the terms of an "honest run" (playing a game without cheating).  In my book it's honest, others are stricter.  If you're not worried about honesty in your game or you're cheating outright, don't worry about it.  (For the record I have nothing against cheating, but I also respect an honest play-through.  I will help you do both on this site.)

1. Keep your stuff after capture
After you send the NSF distress signal and return to Paul's apartment, you are in a sense invincible until the next mission.  You cannot be killed; if your health falls below a certain level, you are captured.  You can let them take you then, or you can fight your way out of the hotel, to the train station, out of the train station (past Anna Navarre) before reaching Gunther.  Gunther can't be killed, but at that point they're taking you regardless.  Once you're taken, you're stripped of all your items and weapons.  They do not take your ammo, so if you had full ammo and you find a gun, you have full ammo again.  They do take your grenades though.  You can actually keep this stuff by exploiting a glitch

Simply open the menu when the map loads.  The first thing it does is load the map.  Then it restores your health, then it does a couple other things behind the scenes - THEN it takes your stuff.  If you take some or all of your stuff and drop it, it takes what's left or nothing at all.  Pick it up again and it's yours.  Don't forget about the armory though, there's more goodies to be had.

2. Unlimited Skill Points in Vandenberg (Slow)
This is one of the "Ten Things to Know in Deus Ex" that was voted off.  However, like JC after reporting back to Paul, it was invincible, as if it were voted off, it would appear here anyway.  (And if it wasn't, it would still be mentioned here with a link to its longer page with pictures.)

When you go to Vandenberg, you have to turn on two generators to get some bots out on the field on your side, before the scientists you need to talk to will open the door.  You get 100 skill points for activating the generator.  You can keep activating the generator for 100 skill points each time.  Do this as many times as you have the patience for, and after about an hour or so, you should have all the skill points you need to have Mastered every skill.

3. Unlimited Skill Points at the Ocean Lab (Fast)
While the Vandenberg glitch occurs first in the game, it is inefficient.  While it allows you to get 100 skill points for entering a 4-digit code, if your inventory is full, you can keep talking to Gary Savage for 500 points a pop.  It is rumored, or perhaps even possible in an earlier or unpatched version of the game, that he will drop the augmentation upgrade canister every time, but in the latest version this is simply not true.  However, the skill points are given.  So when finishing the Ocean Lab, be sure your inventory is full when you talk to Savage.  He will offer JC the canister, but JC will not take it - and the points are awarded.  Thus you should have no excuse (save for honor) for going on to the Silo with any skill below Master.  Oh, and I'm pretty sure you have to have saved Tiffany, not just for the canister, but for the points as well.  Not sure on that, since I always save Tiffany - love my upgrade canisters.

4. No EMP bolts at Hong Kong UC
When you destroy the Universal Constructor in Versalife's Hong Kong facility, it is supposed to rain EMP bolts down around the core.  You can safely get to the panel on the far side to disable it, but it's possible to prevent it from raining them down in the first place.  I'm not entirely sure on the how, but I found that it doesn't do it until I look up, as odd as that sounds.  In my game, I just slip down there under the rail and hop to the water pipe and swim to safety.  However, if I look up, the bolts appear.  Try it and see if you don't get the same results.  Additionally, I have similar results when passing through the EMP field in the Hong Kong helibase - where you have to free Jock after escaping UNATCO/MJ12, except in that case, they're there but I can pass by them.

5. Dark Age ending Early
As seen in a speed run, you can exploit a simple glitch in the way windows are drawn in the game to activate the Dark Age ending early.  As you may know, to get this ending, you must speak to Helios, proceed into Sector 4, disable the cooling, come back to Sector 3, flip a switch or hack a keypad (don't remember) on each reactor, go up to the control room, hit three buttons to open the one on the console, then press that button.  Too much work?  Forget Helios and forget Sector 4.  Go straight to the reactor control room (where you have to go anyway to get the code to Helios' area), talk to the guy, then kill him (he'll get in your way).  Now crouch in front of the console and aim your crosshairs at the button between the console and the lid.  If you aim just right you'll be able to select the button between the two.  Hit your USE button, sit back and watch the cinematic.  You've just exploited a glitch to skip to the ending without using a cheat code.  It's a nasty glitch and breaks the story, sort of.  But hey, it works.  (You can use this small space trick to kill Maggie Chow and Bob Page in VersaLife, too.)

6. Game unexpectedly closes
Not all glitches help you - this will make you hate the game (the program, not the story/game) and how Windows works.  Because not only does the game close with no warning or cause, it bleaches the desktop in Windows.  Until you restart the computer, the gamma will be cranked up.  You can compensate, but it looks bad and when you restart you will have to change it back again.  Someone on GameFAQs suggested that starting the game Far Cry will fix this, but I haven't got a copy anymore to verify it.  Once and only once have I ever considered myself lucky when this happened - I saved right before talking to Dowd in NYC and it glitched as soon as I did (but it had never done this when talking to Dowd before, if memory serves - I saved for other reasons).

7. Playing the game without the CD
This is useful if your disc is damaged, yet you were still able to install it.  Open DeusEx.ini, and find where it says CdPath= under Engine.Engine.  It will most likely list your CD-ROM/DVD-ROM/burner drive.  Simply delete the drive letter so it just says "CdPath=" and save the file.  That's it!  Now, I don't encourage dishonest use of this trick, but Deus Ex is old enough that people should be much less likely to pirate this game.  If a friend wants a copy, please do the right thing and help them obtain a legal copy.  You can get it online for about $10 shipped.