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"You mug people, sure, you need the dough, but you SHOW some RESPECT."

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Brand new, official channel

To get Deus Ex brand new, from Eidos Interactive, click the following links. Note that Deus Ex is $10 more than Deus Ex GOTY; I provide the link for reference only. Also note that you can pay to download GOTY, but then you don't get the soundtrack and the nice packaging - and it's the same price IIRC.

Deus Ex ($19.99)
Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition ($9.99)
DX: The Conspiracy (Ps2) ($19.50)

Prices verified 27 March 2007 and are subject to change and may include tax and/or shipping & handling. The links take you to an information page; click the Buy Now link to purchase.

From third-party sellers Link 1 | Link 2 has two versions of Deus Ex GOTY and people hawk their used copies under both pages. The first one is presumably the newer one as it lists Windows XP as an OS it works for; the second only goes up to Windows ME. As these copies are "new and used" you will have to ask the seller (or read their description) to see if they include the soundtrack or the manual or everything in the retail box.


This would be my first time using Google's shopping portal, but I am impressed. It's what Yahoo! Shopping wants to be (see below).

Yahoo! Shopping

Yahoo! has always offered a rather chaotic shopping experience, but it is a useful place to look. They idex their competitors as well.

Downloading and Renting

While the term downloading in regards to games often is thought of as piracy, there are a couple legal downloading services from which you can buy Deus Ex. If you have a broadband connection, you can have the game up and running in minutes but you may not be able to use mods.

From Valve, makers of Half-Life, comes this popular download service. Steam offers both Deus Ex and Deus Ex: Invisible War. You can get both as a package deal for $19.95, but DX GOTY by itself is $9.95. Not bad.

Gamespy/Fileplanet's ambitious download service is a little more expensive at $9.95, but there it is.

Pay a flat rate to play however many games you want. At least that's how I understand it.

The Netflix of gaming; unfortunately at this point they only carry console games.
Get DX: The Conspiracy (PS2) | Get DX2: Invisible War (XBOX)

*Prices subject to change and in fact may have changed since I wrote this.  I make no guarantees whatsoever that these prices will remain and apologize if they've changed.