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1. The Speed Run
How long does it take you to beat Deus Ex? Start to finish? I've heard estimates of 10 hours up to 30 hours. Deus Ex fans, be it their tenth or hundredth play-through, often spend unnecessary time enjoying the game. That's part of the fun, but you're about to see proof that we do indeed waste time. You're about to see the game legitimately completed in 43 minutes and 20 seconds. From start to finish. Shortcuts are taken, and JC takes a lot of abuse in the pursuit of the lowest time possible. And a few stupid things are done to squeeze a few seconds off the total time.  I think I can beat the game in a couple hours - so I can rush the game - but while I have no intention (or hopes) of competing with this speed run, I like the way I play the game, thank you very much.
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2. The No-Item Run
Perhaps even more challenging is doing Deus Ex with no items. I have a video of most of the game done like this, by Alginon from the ForumPlanet Deus Ex boards.
The videos (complete run, all endings)

I do have a link to a second attempt, apparently independent of the first, cleverly entitled "Deus Ex Done Naked". He's only done two levels so far but appears committed to the project. Here are the links to that:
His videos | Video direct link 1 | direct link 2

3. The unofficial novel
GameFAQs' own Metroid13 has put a lot of work into an unofficial novel. I downloaded each chapter into Microsoft Word, and it's well over 600 pages (Verdana, 12pt). He just finished it as of this writing, early October 2007.  Where you will find the time to read all that is up to you, but it's supposed to be a very good story.  I myself have yet to get around to it, but it's on my Nintendo DS, so I can take it on the go.
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