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"Bravery is not a function of firepower."

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Released on 22 June 2000, Deus Ex, or DX for short, was and still is a groundbreaking FPS/RPG crossover.  A shooter in that it had much the feel of such, and ran on the original Unreal engine, but also an RPG in the sense that through the course of the game, you make your character yours through your choices in skills and actions.  Abandoning the old enemy ESP system (where an enemy is aware of your presence), DX instead tried a more real system, in which an enemy must actually see or hear you to become aware of you.  While easily exploitable, this system made DX more realistic than games not only before, but after as well.

Deus Ex follows the adventures of special agent JC Denton, among the first "bio-augmented" men, which means he has a computer built around his brain, and he can add various components - such as the ability to run faster and leap higher, to increase his strength, or even heal his wounds or become nearly invisible to organic or electronic surveillance.  Denton works with UNATCO, or United Nations Anti-Terrorist COalition, and is charged with the task of tracking down and retrieving Ambrosia, the only known vaccine for the deadly plague known as the Grey Death, and punishing those who would steal it from the government.  However, the plot deepens as he learns more about those he works for.  With conspiracies around every corner, Denton must ultimately save the world from the masterminds of these catastrophic events - but not before he learns who he can and cannot trust.

For nearly seven years, Deus Ex has remained a favorite of mine and of others.  The DX fan community meets on various forums, inlcuding GameFAQs.  Some of us are writing modifications to make the game better, some of us write fan fiction or create other fan art, some of us help newbies through hardware/software problems as well as game elements, but we all enjoy playing the game and enjoying its story and characters time and again.

There are probably dozens of Deus Ex sites out there, and I'm probably not bringing anything new save for my own mod (itself a variant of another) and a few ideas, but yet I still present this site for the fans for better or for worse.

Note: For those of you coming here from my signature on GameFAQs, note that my account name is now DarkRealityX.  It used to be DXNathan, but that account is hosed, something to do with the password when I tried to change it.  I wasn't banned, warned, suspended, anything like that.  And I'd wanted to change my name for a while.  So you will no longer see DXNathan except for the posts in the sticky(ies).