Darko Anicic 

Current projects:


Short Description: SEMIoTICS main scope aims to develop a pattern-driven framework, built upon existing IoT platforms, to enable and guarantee secure and dependable actuation and semi-autonomic behaviour in IoT/IIoT applications. The SEMIoTICS framework will support cross-layer intelligent dynamic adaptation, including heterogeneous smart objects, networks and clouds. To address the complexity and scalability needs within horizontal and vertical domains, SEMIoTICS will develop and integrate smart programmable networking and semantic interoperability mechanisms. The above will be validated by industry, using three diverse usage scenarios in the areas of renewable energy, healthcare, and smart sensing and will be offered through an open API.  
Role: My involvement in this project is related to the specification of machine-interpretable semantics to enable interoperability, bootstrapping and interfacing of IIoT field devices, used in the project's use cases. The goal is to enable smart object management and plug-and-play functionality for field devices, including legacy control systems.
Used Technologies:
  • W3C WoT Thing Description (TD) and API - semantically-described programmable interface of a Thing; 
  • iot.schema.org - semantic schemas for Thing capabilities, domain-specific functions, and applications;
  • Domain standards, e.g., OPC-UA Information Model and Companions.

www: https://www.semiotics-project.eu/  

Past projects:

    • BIG IoT
    • The BIG IoT project (abbr.: Bridging the Interoperability Gap of the IoT) aims at enabling the emergence of cross- standard, cross-platform, and cross-domain IoT services and applications towards an open and vibrant IoT ecosystem, in particularly applied in mobility domain.  Role: My involvement in this project is related to the specification of BIG IoT semantic models (mobility-related vocabularies based on Schema.org), as well as the concept and implementation of the Thing Recipe, i.e., a semantic specification of a service orchetration (an approach castomized for services offered by Things).
      www: http://big-iot.eu/  


      Building as a Service (BaaS) project targets four technical objectives aiming at conceptualizing and developing a flexible open building service platform allowing the creation of value-added advanced building services at considerably lower cost compared to the state of the art; a well-designed set of model-based platform mechanisms supporting the easy creation of services and "apps" for buildings; mechanisms for capturing semantic meta-information related to building automation equipment and its properties, as well as for aggregation and transformation of corresponding operational data; the integration of existing and novel sources of information to create a "building information sphere" considering all stakeholders of the building. 

      Role: My contribution in this project was specification of BaaS semantic models (Data Point ontology, Location ontology and ontology alignement with other, well known ontologies such as QUDT, SSN etc.).  
      www: http://baas-itea2.eu/

    • PLAY

PLAY project has a goal to develop and validate an elastic and reliable federated SOA architecture for dynamic and complex, event-driven interaction in large highly distributed and heterogeneous service systems. 
Role: My involvement in this project is related to scalable rule engine for event processing and stream reasoning. The engine is based on ETALIS, and will be extended in this project to work in a distributed environment. 
    • ALERT 
      ALERT project improves the e.ciency and management of bug resolution in software development in Open Source communities by providing methods and tools based on context-aware noti.cation, event-driven processing and real-time interactions. 
      Role: Event-driven processing and real-time interactions in ALERT will be processed by ETALIS. 
      www: http://www.alert-project.eu/

    • ARtSENSE 
      ARtSENSE bridges the gap between the digital world with the physical one by developing novel concepts in the .eld of augmented reality. It introduces new wearable technologies for sensing continuously and non-intrusively the user's context (visual eye-tracking, audio, physiological biosensing) in order to determine the user's current interest (mental engagement). ARtSENSE will enable overlaying reality with digital information transparently, including gaze-and gesture-controlled interaction, so that visitors have the feeling that physical objects are directly responding to them. 
      Role: Sensing and continuous information processing is done by using techniques of Complex Event Processing, and ETALIS is used as an underlying engine for this purpose. 
      www: http://www.artsense.eu/

  • SYNERGY - Knowledge Management in Virtual Organisation

Role: Responsible for knowledge representation, reasoning service, event processing and ad-hoc workflows.

www: http://www.synergy-ist.eu

  • SAKE - Semantic-enabled Agile Knowledge-based eGovernment
    Role: Developing rule-based preference model for different knowledge resources. www:http://www.sake-project.org/

  • SUPER - Semantics Utilised for Process Management within and between Enterprises
    Role: Automated reasoning support for Semantic Web Service composition and Business Process Management.

  • ASG - Adaptive Services Grid
    Role: Leading a project component which concerns about service semantics and automated reasoning support.
    www: http://asg-platform.org

  • SWWS - Semantic Web enabled Web Service
  • On Board Trader