Character Summary

Keisha- The main character in this book. She was Andy’s girlfriend until he killed himself. She is heart broken and very vulnerable to others after this. She is emotionally unstable but she has a great circle of friends who are there for her every step of the way.

Rhonda- Keisha’s best friend and dates Tyrone, an old friend of Andy’s.

Monty- Andy’s little brother. Even though Monty is younger than the teenagers in this book he is included in most of the things that happen. He looks at Keisha as an older sister and she looks at him like a younger brother.

Gerald- Angel’s older brother. He is the quiet type until he meets Jalani. A transfer student who helps him open up. He is very protective of Angel.

Angel- Gerald’s younger sister. a younger girl, who is best friends with Joyelle. She has anorexia and dreams of become a dancer.

Joyelle- Rob’s younger sister. She is friends with Angel. Included in the tight group of friends after Rob and Andy’s deaths.

Tyrone- dates Rhonda and was friends with both Andy and Rob.

Leon- the class clown who becomes best friends with Keisha. He secretly has a crush on her. He is included in the group of friends during school.

Jonathan Hathaway- the principal’s son who wins Keisha over with his handsome look and his charm. He has a dark side and later in the book tries to rape Keisha.