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Professor, Dept. of Physics, Queen's


My main activities revolve around searches for the elusive WIMPs that may make up the bulk of the matter in the Universe (previously, the EDELWEISS, CRESST and SuperCDMS experiments, now NEWS-G, soon to be located at SNOLAB, one of the deepest and cleanest labs in the world, and DEAP/DarkSide/Argo starting Spring 2019), R&D on cryogenic detectors and their applications, and the study of 40K, a radioactive contaminant in many rare-event searches, in the KDK experiment.

Latest news

Older news

11 May 2015: Congratulations to P. Nadeau for successfully defending his PhD.
3 Mar 2015: P. Nadeau's paper on alkali halides now published in Astroparticle Physics.
08 Oct 2014: P. Nadeau's preprint on new detectors to investigate DAMA now on arXiv
04 Oct 2014: CDMS II likelihood analysis on arXiv
10 Sep 2014: CDMS constraints on LIPs on arXiv
19 Aug 2014:
PHYS 590 topics posted
28 Feb 2014:
new CDMS low-threshold results on arXiv
27 Jan 2014: CDMSLite results published in PRL
10 Oct 2013:
"Sound and Light from Fractures in Scintillators" published in PRL and highlighted
03 Oct 2013:
preprint on recent results from the CDMSLite experiment accepted in PRL
15 Sept 2013:
preprint "Sound and Light from Fractures in Scintillators" accepted in PRL
16 May 2013: preprint "Sound and Light from Fractures in Scintillators"
12 April 2013: preprint "Silicon Detector Results from the First Five-Tower Run of CDMS II"
17 Oct 2012: photon counting manuscript accepted in NIM
30 Aug 2012:
former PhD student/postdoc M-A Verdier gets faculty position in Paris
10 Jul 2012:
photon counting preprint
15 Jan 2012:
low-temperature setup paper accepted in IEEE
29 Nov 2011:
3 K study of BGO accepted in PRB
04 Oct 2011: Stages et études pour élèves-ingénieurs (candidatures stages printemps-été 2012 acceptées jusqu'à la mi-novembre)
09 Aug 2011: PHYSICS 455 and 590 topics
06 July 2011: CDMS-EDELWEISS paper published (PRD 84 011102(R))
18 May 2011: joint CDMS-EDELWEISS preprint
27 Jan 2011: SNOLAB summer students
20 Dec 2010: Astroparticle/SNOLAB graduate opportunities
12 Oct 2010: Stages et études pour élèves-ingénieurs
04 Sept 2010: National Post article on SNOLAB
04 Aug 2010: ORF/MRI funding announcement