My Notes

  •  The City of the Sky has the People of the Sky. This place is so legendary, only the people who have been or a citizen of the Sky can only get there. So many legends happen there, such as the Fallen Warrior of the Light (Sammy's father).


Sprits and Shadows:

  • Holly - Leader of all spirits. Lucario is her fused Pokemon
  • Aaron - Deputy of all spirits.
  • Nozomi - Luitendant of all spirits. Purugly is her fused Pokemon
  • Shasta- Holly's assistant, double-soul with Mace, her fused Pokemon is a Green Latias.
  • Missy (Ritsu) - Shadow Luitendant, her fused Pokemon is Aipom
  • Akira - Shadow Deputy, his fused Pokemon is Archanine
  • Shadow King - King of all Shadows, A Dark Arceus is his fused Pokemon