Darkfield as a record label was launched in 2010 with the plan to release music by MX Ray. Darkfield is based in Oakville, Ontario, Canada and serves since 1991 as a multilevel consultancy venture that apart from musical production ambitions steers projects that have a heavy Intellectual Property component. DarkField provides guidance in the steps necessary to protect the I.P. aspect of a project by direct assistance or participates in the process of finding the matching entity to carry out the task more effectively. As of 2010 MX Ray showed some promising demos that by 2012 were polished to publication. MxRay is a Canadian music project that explores the possibilities offered by the continually evolving Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) and exploits the concept of virtual musical production. Founder, programmer, and keyboardist Zoli, is responsible for the projects direction. The music, experimental in nature, spans over a wide range of genres, using Virtual Software Instruments, Vocal and Speech Synthesizers and a vast Sampled Sound Pool Libraries. This wide musical landscape, dynamics, and near perfect sound quality is only made possible by ever more affordable, widely accessible and powerful software based musical processing tools and emerging technologies like Melodyne and Vocaloid. This State of the Art methodically saves up all what came before, ads the new, leverages it, and serves it to creators in forms of infinitely expandable virtual studios and vast powerful content libraries. It allows for endless possibilities to create new derivations infused by any desired degree of originality.