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"I know thousands of Christians but only a few can write a book like this. For decades we have heard about the theology of mission and community redemption, and much of it has been helpful, but Gary and Hannah and their team have lived out the theology and made it work. I respect them more than I can say and have been an eyewitness on many occasions as the church has grown and the community benefited from all they do. They are truly carrying the anointing of the early Salvationists!"

Debra Green, City Links


"Gary's book isn't some pious theological tome that speaks of God's heart for the poor but doesn't give us any clue as to how to get involved in the grit and grime of their messy lives. This is real authentic 21st Century Jesus following."

Andy Hawthorne, The Message Trust


"I'I’d like to be more like Gary when I grow up! While keeping it real, Gary’s engaging style provides a hopeful manifesto for any church or Christian trying to make a difference downtown."

                                       Russell Rook Director ALOVE and member of the Spring Harevst Leadership Team


"I cannot share Gary Bishop’s faith but I have nothing but admiration for the work he and his team have done in East Manchester. Many of us take pride in our social consciences but our compassion commutes: we live not where we care. But Gary has moved into an area of great need and in this passionate book shows us what faith in action means today. It is a moving testimony, an account of a wish to work with local people and so bring light to the dark zones beyond the central glitz of one of Britain’s biggest cities."

 David Ward, The Guardian

"Gary Bishop writes with a warmth and fluency that draws the reader in from the very first word. And he tells stories in a way that makes each character and each scene come to life. But this is not a ‘good read’ in the way we usually mean that phrase. If you want to settle down by the fire with a cup of coffee and enjoy an evening’s escapism, this is definitely not the book for you! For Gary tells true stories, harrowing stories from ‘Darkest England’ in the twenty first century, stories that he has witnessed at first hand and in which he has usually played a significant role. “The result is a little book with a massive challenge. Taking his title and his inspiration from William Booth’s ‘Darkest England and the Way Out’, Gary is brave enough to go even further than his literary mentor. It’s no longer enough for the church to make the occasional foray into the inner city, rescue a few individuals and then move out again. The real challenge is for individuals and groups to relocate from comfortable suburbia, to settle in ‘Darkest England’, and to create loving, accepting communities where they don’t and won’t otherwise exist. Gary, his wife Hannah, and the other members of the Eden Openshaw team have done just that for the last seven years. The question this book forces us to face is this: ‘Who is willing to follow their example?’” "

Chick Yuill