A Darker Heart 

The lair of Ella star

Welcome to my lair. You have come here, no doubt, seeking writing. And that is what you will find. Follow the links and you will find my poetry, short stories, unfinished novels and more. You will also find things about me, this being my lair, my blog. I will be updating frequently, so be sure to keep checking back periodically.


Feel free to wander, but be careful as you do. You never know what's lurking around the corner, you never know what you may find. Fallen angels or demons, simple minded humans or out of control werewolves. Guitar players, angst filled teenagers, poets and more. Be careful. 


Oh, and a serious warning. If you're a parent you may want to be careful letting your kid on this site. There's some cussing, some possibly disturbing images, (Bleeding hearts and such) words, lyrics and more. Just use your judgment.  

A Darker Vision; my poetry

Sufferance; a collection of my songs 

Opinionated; my likes and dislikes

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