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Action Points

Action points are a new addition to the game (Server Update 19 June 2011) and are calculated using your Rationality (Action Points = Rationality * 20), which is very ironic since they are not rational at all. Action points are gained by rest with a positive food level, but unlike Health and Mana points, they are not gained on a predictable basis but on a random basis, involving currently unknown factors.


Action points can be used for the following:

  • Writing a big experience book - Books of TailoringCrafting and Manufacturing can be written by high level specialists. It will use 1/4 of normal action points per book on critical failure, different amounts are needed for each type of big book. (Server update 08 July 2011)


  • Like with Material Points and Mana, food is used up when Action Points are restored. If you have full Material Points and Mana as well as the Powersaving Perk or Powersaving Cloak, you will notice your food level going down as your Action Points are restored.