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Taken from The Great Almanac of the Gods:

Having attained his godhood through the guidance of Mortos who then forced him into The War of the Gods, Unolas now strives to remain aloof and throws himself into the pursuit of knowledge, wisdom and mastery of magic. Following his initial acts of evil upon his initiation as a god, Unolas has become a more peaceful god. However, his fascination with knowledge and wisdom can lead him to grow fond of dark things if they are shrouded in a guise of magic and learning. As a mortal draegoni, he was acknowledged as the brightest among his race, and even as a god, his knowledge soon exceeded all the other deities. He is the patron of teachers and mages.

Often the first to detect disorder in the world, he strives to keep the gods together. If not for the dutiful actions of Unolas, The Great War could have brought far more destruction and change to the land than it did and lasted far longer. He believes strongly in balance among the gods and the equal representation of good and evil, yet even a god's knowledge is limited and he is enraged by things he cannot explain.

To follow the path of Unolas is to seek what is beyond the concept of logic and the mind of magic.


White Stone 25px.png Vermor CastleWhite Stone

High priest

Adrian.png Adrian


  • Followers get more magic experience.


  • Temporary +10 magic levels for 25 gc. Adrian will only offer the blessing if you are at least at rank 3 of worship. Once blessed, your magic level will reduce by 1 each minute until it returns to normal.


You cannot worship these gods while worshipping Unolas:

  • Lucaa - Harvesting Goddess
  • Zarin - Crafting Goddess

Starting rank

-2 (-8% magic experience)


Each rank of worship grants you a 4% increase in the amount of magic experience you recieve as long as you remain a worshipper. To advance to the next rank, you must retrieve a batch of a specific item and talk to Adrian. If you wish to renounce the god and return to your base experience amount, talk to Adrian. If you later wish to worship the god again, you will restart at rank -2.

RankItems needed for this rankWhere to put itemsMagic experience
-2none - starting ranknowhere-8%
-1Leather Pants.png 2 Leather PantsInventory-4%
0Leather Boots.png 5 Leather BootsInventory-0%
1Iron Helm.png 1 Iron HelmInventory+4%
2Steel Shield.png 4 Steel ShieldsInventory+8%
3Coal.png 500 CoalStorage+12%
4Rose Quartz.png 1,000 Rose QuartzStorage+16%
5Gold Bar.png 100 Gold BarsStorage+20%