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Treasure of Nordcarn


Items needed:
  • None.

  • Talk to Koki in Nordcarn's market square, he tells you about a song.
  • Visit the Valley of the Dwarves graveyard during the night (3:30 to 0:30), look at the tombstone at [27,115] using the "eye".
  • Take a long walk on a short plank, i.e. deposit all your stuff in a storage and visit the underworld, fastest way would be to type #suicide. Go to [153, 49] and 'use' the book under the bush.
  • Go to the Portland library and talk to Drial.
  • Go to Tahraji Desert and there to the Dragon Cave. 'Use' the chest at [128,78]
  • Talk to Frukas in Grahm's Village, White Stone.
  • Head to the Elavro Mountains in White Stone and 'use' the bones at [467,745].
  • Talk to Frukas again.
  • Read the scroll on the barrels behind him (next to the stable)
  • Head back to Nordcarn, 'use' the well at [73,32], then the bucket next to it.
  • Talk to Koki again.