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The Sleeping Beauty

  • You will be able to use Tankel's repair services.

Note: To my knowledge one doesn't have to do this quest in order to use Heavybeard's services.

Items needed:

  • Talk to Tankel in Morcraven Marsh at [292,242].
  • Talk to Edlera  in Morcraven Marsh at [141,164].
  • Talk to Tankel again.
  • Get 10 yellow roses and drop roses in front of Kelcha (in the house next to Tankel) and she will tell you about her diary.
  • Talk with Edlera again and she ask you to find the diary.
  • Talk with Tankel again and he tells you he found Kelcha in Naralik.
  • Go to Naralik and enter the catacombs at [106, 164]. You will find 4 books close to the entrance - use them all until you find the diary which tells you Kelcha has been cursed by Mortos.
  • Talk to Edlera again and she tells you need 30 minor healing potions.
  • Go to Naralik and locate the statue above ground next to entrance of the catacombs.
  • Put the 30 minor healing potions into a bag in front of statue.
  • Use the statue and you will get a message that Kelcha is well again.
  • Talk with Edlera and Tankel.

Note: You can now do the Leather quest.