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The Elf Council

     - 20k Ranging experience

Items Needed:
     - None

Steps: Talk to Vaesura in Whitestone at (301,319). She'll tell you to contact a list of Elves for a party.
When you talk to each person, there will be an option that reads "Vaesura". Click this, and the person should give you some confirmation. This should also show up in your quest log.

Order does not matter.
Desert Pines
Kane: Inside boat from DP to WS, "use" the little silver thing behind the wheel.
Astra: At (307, 235). Enter the house.
Isabella: At (341, 38).

In Portland
Aliester: At (198, 258). Enter the magic shop and go into the back room.
Avyia: At (247 , 151).
Xaquelina: At (186, 56).
Drial: At (197, 105). Enter the Library.

In Nordcarn
Hawkins: At (86, 108).

In Isla Prima
Lasud: At (62,137)

In White Stone
Adnama: At (611, 709)

In Morcraven March
Kahlen: At (151, 356). Enter the temple.

In Tarsengaard
Moonflower: At (325, 60). Enter the Temple.
Silvars: Enter, the magic school, take the door at the top right. Then take the last door on that hall, and then the north door.  Silvars will be in that room.[/li]
Donegal: At (188, 316). Enter the Magic School. There are two routes to Donegal. You can go through the PK sewers and take the West Ladder up. The other, slightly more difficult, option, is to take the maze through to Donegal. To get to the maze, head through the magic school as if you were going to the gardens, but take the right before you go out to the garden passage. You'll be in the maze.

  • First, Take the West Door.
  • Then, Take the East Door.
  • Then, Take the North Door
  • Take the North Door Again
  • Follow the Path shown here: 
  • Once you've talked to all the NPCs, return to Vaesura and she'll give you 20,000Ranging experience