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Strajer's (PL) All Oiled Up

This quest start at PL [217, 121] NPC Strajer

1- Go to Arius and speak with Kinder [225, 42].

2- Speak again with Strajer PL [217, 121].

3- You need speak with Kane, at Desert Pines (inside boat which are at [357, 357]. He ask you twice for 3k gcs, or will not say something.

4- Travel to GP, Gretch [235, 359] ask you put a RC mine around the stone arch (212, 364) - you will se a windows - and give her a RC Mine Detonator.

5- Go to VOTD [34, 162] and talk with Nolida.

6- Enter on Gold Mine at VOTD and down to second level. Enter in house which are at [177, 31]. Megera ask you find a healer, because she is ill.

7- The healer is at TG's Magic School [184, 315]. When you enter use dor at [13, 96] and after the door at [110, 181]. Aurora is at [174, 345] (healer). She ask you some Plants. 50 wheat, 50 mugwort and 50 most potent Nightshade and Valerian (50 each). Wheat and Mugwort can be at sto and dont harv it.

8- Valerian and Nightshade were very dificult to find.
8.a. Go to Rot and use the Door on floor at [99,51]. 
8.b. You will enter at cave and walk until [688, 631] and use the door. Now you are at other cave, walk to end and use the torch holder at [23, 302]. 
8.c. Use door at [220,189] and now you can harv special Nighshade and Valerian (you can see a windows which said "This seems to be the right spot for Nightshade, now harvest 50 pieces."), the same for Valerian. You see other Windows when finish (if you use harv cape you will do fast, because when you will have 52 at inv windows appears).

9- Return to Aurora and give her the plants. She gives you something to Megera (you will no see something at inv).

10- Talk with Megera.

11- Talk with Strajer PL [217, 121] and take Reward.

Reward: 75k xp att and def and 100 treasure finders.