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Pain in the Axe


  • 100,000 Harvesting experience
  • 80,000 Attack experience

Items needed

  • 1 Enriched Water Essence
  • 1 Iron Axe or Steel Axe


  • Talk to Henk in Palon Vertas [120,302] to start the quest.
  • His axe is missing, so look around for it. Looking at the grass at [93,281] will give you a clue... At this point you must have started the Shayna's Borrowed Books quest and talked to at least Shayna and Morton in Palon Vertas.
  • Follow the path to the town and talk to Brittani at the village's north gate.
  • Brittani will tell you to talk to the Mayor, Morton.
  • Morton tells you that you should go south to a blacksmith, Heavybeard in Zirakinbar.
  • Asking Heavybeard in Zirakinbar [28,179] if he has had any problems with thieves, he will tell you to talk to Seth, a guard in Sedicolis [49,69].
  • Seth will send you to Nordcarn to talk to Buni at [6,29].
  • Buni will tell you to go to Port Anitora and talk to Osold at [252,184].
  • Osold will send you to find a specific spell in a book in Palon Vertas magic school.
  • The spellbook is located in the Auditorium, it is a yellow book under a black book on the desk in front of the blackboard. Look at it. DO NOT use it.
  • Next you need to go to Nordcarn magic shop at [108,81] and talk to Atekel. You might have to have finished Lasud's past quest before Atekel will talk to you about this quest.
  • Atekel will tell you to harvest a special cactus at [262,259] in Tahraji Desert around 1:20-1:40 EL time.
  • After harvesting the cactus, you will need to return to Atekel.
  • She will tell you to use with an Enriched Water Essence at the book in Palon Vertas magic school auditorium. (You will lose it.)
  • When you have copied the spell, go back to Osold in Port Anitora.
  • Return to Palon Vertaslook at the pile of logs near Henk at [104,309] and after getting the hint use with your Iron Axe or Steel Axe at it to free Henk's axe.
    • Iron axe will disappear if you use it at the logs, but at the moment Steel axe does not seem to disappear. Might be a bug though.
  • Talk to Henk to get your reward.