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Osold's Scroll

  • 20k Attack experience
  • 10k Defense experience
  • 15k Ranging experience
Items needed: 1 Serpent Stone

  • Talk to Osold in Port Anitora
  • Talk to Nyeald in Portland
  • Go to the Barren Wastelands in Emerald Valley Trade Route and use the brown bottle in the water near [186, 68].
  • Go to Irinveron, use the sunflower at [456, 638]
  • Go to Palon Vertas and use the statue at [174, 143]
  • Go to Glacmor's Ssai Woods and use the grave with the rose at [32, 183]
  • Go back to Palon Vertas and use the bush at the statues at [162, 260] He will say the soil is impenetrable. This is all you need to see for this step.
  • Return to Osold, then head to Shantir, the shopkeeper of Glacmor's magic shop, bring along the Serpent Stone
  • Return to the bush and use it again (you'll find the scroll, but won't have it in your inventory)
  • Finally, return to Osold for your reward.