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Old Lady Helper

This easy and quick quest gives you 1000 points in manufactoring and a pair of leather boots. What you need to bring: 
- 3 Potions of Minor Healing
- two needles
- two or three fox fur
- two or three threads

The quest is very straight forward and sends you to three locations, old lady in IP, woman in WS Forest of Fall, and Victor in WSC. 
1) You start in IP at coords 73/151. Talk to the old woman and give her the three healing pots. She sends you to the woman in WS
2) The woman is in the building just north and west of the defense goddess' temple. You give her the needle. 
3) Beam back to IP and the old woman. 
4) She sends you to Victor in WSC (the cloak seller, opposite the flower shop on the market place). 
5) Beam back to IP and the old woman. Now make a fox scarf (one fox fur, one thread, needle in inventory). 
6) Go to the woman in WS forest. 
7) Beam back to IP and the old woman. You get 1k manu pts and a pair of leather boots.

Whenever you are in the old woman's house, there will be a bag spawn. Sometimes it's just money, sometimes empty vials, sometimes healing pots.