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More Broken Armors

After finishing Vixen part one, it opens new quest : 

" Vixen: Actually, yes, I could use a bit more help. Now that I am done with metal armors, I would like you to try to break dragon armors as well. Start with the red set, cuisses, greaves, mail and helm. Make sure they are really broken, not degraded, then report back to me when you are done with it. " 

When Red Dragon set done

"Vixen: Good, I knew I could count on you again. I guess you know what is your next task, right? The black dragon armors."
You gain 30000 attack and defense.

When Black Dragon set done

"Vixen: Perfect! Now you only need to finish the ice set, and we are done."
You gain 30000 attack and defense.

When Ice Dragon set done

"Vixen: You are the best! Here, let me teach you something else." 
*You gain the Armor Master Pro perk, which increases your armor by 1 (so 2 in total, combined with Armor master).*