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Mixture Mayhem


  • 10,000 Potions experience
  • 1 Potion of Extra Mana
  • 1 Potion of Great Healing

Items needed

  • 10 Potions of Mana
  • 15 Potions of Minor Healing


  • Talk to Reca in Isla Prima tavern after doing several other quests.
    • Reportedly you can start Reca's quest at least after finishing Tutorial quest, Wraith's Seridia Journey quest, Past quest, Crafter's Apprentice quest, Tankel's Daughter quest, Leather quest, Wine quest, Treasure of Nordcarn quest.
  • Talk to Christopher at White Stone, Lakeside Village. Give him 10 Potions of Minor Healing.
  • Talk to Michael in Valley of the Dwarves General Store.
  • Talk to Erokin in Valley of the Dwarves, near the Gold Mine entrance.
  • Talk to Lilliana in Norcarn General Store. Give her 15 Potions of Mana.
  • Talk to Brogan in Portland (near the Desert Pines flag)
  • Talk to Erokin in  Valley of the Dwarves again.
  • Return to Reca for your reward of 10,000 Potions experience, 1 Potion of Extra Mana, 1 Potion of Great Healing.